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09 September 2006, 05:01 PM
After 6 months of waiting for the audio to get done I got hooked up with a guy that has won grammy's and he offered to do the audio cause it looked like fun. check out the animation: Watch it here! (

Watch it. Rate it. Leave a comment if you like. your comments and crits are all welcome.


09 September 2006, 05:11 PM
Not bad at all.

The style of the fire effects looks pretty good, and they look decent as they fly over the camera.. which is a good thing, because a lot of the time effects look worse as you get closer to them.

If I may make a suggestion, Id say that you should exagerate the rocking of the car, to make it really clear from the beginning whats going on.

..this may just be because of the small size of the video, but it looks like the tyres dont move.. they should definitly be squashing & stretching as the car tilts up and down - even just a little bit - it would add that subtle bit of detail that would improve the whole thing quite a lot.

hope that helps.

09 September 2006, 05:24 PM
CBAnimator - your very right. I didn't think about the tires actually. Great observation. Thanks for the great crit, very useful information.

09 September 2006, 11:11 PM
Quote CBAnimator (

But cool stuff. I like the message, also. :thumbsup:


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09 September 2006, 11:12 PM
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