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09 September 2006, 09:25 AM
hi guys,
...looking for a way to change tool presets, like everytime I hit extrude along axis, it will do it for 0,002 and not 1
...there must be a way,
thanks in advance

09 September 2006, 09:37 AM
There is a way.

Just right click on the PPG window (somewhere on the top) and you'll get access to the script that runs underneath.
Be carefull though not to dammage you XSI with this. Be mindfull of what you change.

09 September 2006, 09:51 AM
just opened it up for create>polycube, but I couldnt find the actual length to set:

Version = "";
Reference = "{7FA10CA1-79ED-11d0-9FA9-00AA00BB6238}";
// File supervisor:
// Creation date: 10/23/98
// (c) Copyright 1996 - 1998 Avid
// $Archive: c3dcube.spdl $
// $Revision: 1 $ $Date: $
// Checkin by: $Author: $
// @doc INTERNAL
// @module c3dcube | <c > SPDL definition.
// @devnote This file was generated by the script

include "operatorclassification.spdl"

// Property definitions
// This section is where you put the definitions of each of your parameters.
// The minumum you need for each parameter is simply a Name entry - the GPI
// will figure out what kind of control to use automatically.

PropertySet "Cube"
Parameter "cube"
GUID = {7FA10CA1-79ED-11d0-9FA9-00AA00BB6238};
Name = "Cube";
Description = "Implicit Cube";
Type = VT_EMPTY;
Caps = Persistable;
Class = Unknown;
ShowChildren = False;
Keywords = General,Primitive,Modeling;

Parameter "length"
GUID = {85DD0C76-89D6-11d0-A75C-00AA00BB6238};
Name = "Length";
Description = "Length";
Type = VT_R8;
Range = 0.01 to Max;
UIRange = 0.01 to 50.0;
Caps = Animatable, Persistable;



HelpFile = "Help/property.hlp";
HelpID = 6026;

.....any idea??

09 September 2006, 12:31 PM
Well the only thing I can see is Range=, and as you would've noted, that doesnt regulate the cube's initial size, only the max min for it. I guess your cube appears with a side of 8 units the same as mine. There has to be a relationship somewhere that influences that initial offering from xsi, but I haven't sussed it yet.
The Type= line is interesting, in that VT-R8 is the only value that shows 4 or 8. Although I'm guessing in a fog of ignorance at this point. lol

09 September 2006, 08:54 PM
Creating primitives of your own specs is usually as simple as

var myDesiredAttributeValue = 0.1;
var oCube = CreatePrim("Cube", "MeshSurface", null, null);
oCube.length = myDesiredAttributeValue;

no real need to go hunting and pecking through spdl's for that.

even with setting attributes on applied ops i'd be more inclined to script it rather than hacking away at spdls too.


09 September 2006, 09:01 PM
I agree... furthermore, I've been using XSI for a number of years and changing the default values to the desired values as many times as I have, I'd still say it's a fraction of the time I would have spent changing all the SPDLs or setting up a happy little toolbar with primitive scripts and keeping it all sorted.

I appreciate all of the reasons for wanting to customize the app to the Nth degree, but sometimes the juice just isn't worth the squeeze.

09 September 2006, 09:32 AM
...basically I totally agree, but for me its more like modeling in units as meters, at least for one year fulltime, and if I'd count the time for switching the values back, for at least extrude/ inset would save a lot of I think about it, its only these two tools which I would change....
...and I found in the extrude spdl:

Parameter "length"
GUID = {9E734599-4B92-11d4-B7F3-0008C7A011A6}; // GUID_C3DExtrudeComponentAxisOp_Length
Name = "Length";
Description = "Length";
Type = VT_R8;
Caps = Persistable, Animatable;
UIRange = -10.0 to 10.0;
Value = 1.0;

....but when changing value = 0.01; it doesnt seem different, it still extrudes a value of 1

and btw, its really bad that xsi doesnt have a way for changing presetvalues more easily like in eg maya

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09 September 2006, 09:32 AM
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