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09 September 2006, 11:53 PM
Hi folks at CG Society

So I have been working on this Court for a little while, Thanks for all your comments on my first try. As I mentioned last time, I wish to attain a position as an environment modeler for next generation console games. I am currently building my portfolio from scratch. With this environment I am trying to match a look like EA’s NBA street V3

Since last time I have:
- Completed more of the texturing for the scene
- Placed the camera at an in-game angle and deleted anything not in its view.
- Currently the Poly count is 42000 tris. I’m using 28 512x512s for this scene but I think can cut that down.
- Reworked the court fence, grass and telephone poles
- Below, the first two shots are renders, the second two are screen shots, and the last is a wire frame screen grab.

When I compare my work with V3 or others games with nice environments like NeedForSpeed(most wanted) I think there is a ‘sharpness’ that is missing from my work. I also wonder if the scene is too dark overall.

If youáll have any ideas as to how I can make this scene more “game like” and any other advice, ideas, comments, suggestions, elements to add, critiques, etc I would really appreciate it.

Thank you for your help,
And thanks to GLandolina, Space Rabbit, Gamedev, Gradius Cancer, and Urgaffel for last times help.

You can view my last attempt here: (



09 September 2006, 02:09 AM
Its looking good. I remember this from awhile ago.

First off, the sharpness you are referring to is a few things. Your textures look quite smooth and this could be either maya and its ingenious filters it places on your textures, or simply not sharpening your textures before leaving Photoshop.

The first can be resolved by looking at the color channel of your texture and turning 'Filter Type' to off and then reducing 'Pre-Filter radius'.

The second, while in Photoshop, use the filter 'Sharpen' then 'Unsharpen Mask' to give your textures some 'edge'.

The next part would be the lack or what looks to be the lack of specular and bump maps. Specular is important because objects simply don't reflect evenly over their entire surface. I would say the court is the prime target on this one. It looks way to nice and evenly smooth. Really grunge it up, it is outside in the elements after all.

Next, the glass backboards doesn’t really make sense. I would say metal would be a better choice and would add to the overall grunge of the area.

The chain link looks quite good as does most of the surrounding city. I would say though overall the saturation of the scene is too low. More color and richness should pop from the court and the trees. The light could use some work and with the sunset dusk type scene could create some more interesting shadows. I like the tree shadows on the court now, but you could push that some more and make them more detailed. Your telephone wires are a bit thick and have some 'low poly' qualities to them. Smooth that out.

I also noticed in your wireframe, those polys that are black or shaded kind of funny, need to have their normals harden / softened. 'Edit Polygons > Normals >. Harden / Soften'. 60 degrees usually does the job.

Well that’s a start! Keep posting as you progress! Good luck!

09 September 2006, 12:02 AM
Hey! Thanks a lot GameDev/Tyler

I will be working away with your ideas in mind,

Hope to show more progress soon,

Take care


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