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09 September 2006, 09:02 AM
Greetings to all!

Myself, along with 2 other artists, are creating a small CG and FX studio named Vortex CG Studios. We have come to a crossroads, however, in that we are split in the way we should set up the studio. Since we are brand-new and don't have abundant funds, I thought it would be best to purchase notebooks with which we can travel with and maintain the mobility that we are hoping for. However, the question comes to this...will a laptop have sufficient power to handle Vue 5 Infinite and Lightwave 9, along with other powerful CG suites?

The notebooks we are looking have:
Intel® Core Duo processor T2700 (2.33GHz)
Microsoft Windows XP Pro
256MB ATI FireGL V5200 Video card
2 GB (2 NonParity DDR2 SDRAM SoDIMM)
100GB, 7200rpm SATA

...along with various other things. Is that enough processing power to get the job done?

09 September 2006, 02:51 AM
Hey there..good luck with the studio...
I have a note book (HP DV2023,1 gig ram, duo 1.6ghz processor (T2050) Win Xp pro sp2) and the video card is not dedicated, it shares the ram (128MB) its a small laptop with widescreen..and I also run Vue 5 and LW 9, and it all works just fine..My major concern when purchasing was, how the laptop would handle the Open GL (hardware accelerated) in vue..The dude at the store let me install the software and test it...It was all good! so I purchased it.
Its probably a better idea to get a laptop with a dedicated video card, but it works fine without.
Good Luck.

09 September 2006, 08:09 AM
That helps, thanks. I, along with one of my co-workers, was worried if laptops could handle the kind of work we are going to be doing. We've also got Cinema4D and Maya 8 Unlimited that we are excited to use. We were just hesitant to order several laptops if they could not handle the strain we are going to be putting on them....

09 September 2006, 05:49 PM
Technically...Yes, I have an Alienware for a laptop:

Intel4 3GHz
1GB ram
FxGo 5700

And it runs Vue 5 and Maya 8 quite well for the most part.

Of course for the price I paid for that one I put together 2 dual core desktops! So its a trade off. Honestly if you dont have that much money, desktops will be WAY more efficient dollar for dollar.

As a hypothetical, if I got a state of the art laptop now it would run me about $3000. For that price I put put together 2 high-end desktops.

So, It really depends on your guys setup. Do you have an office? Are you all working from home for now? Where will you be rendering you sequences?

Mobile may be better if you have no location, but if you do, then desktops may be better. I could see maybe having one mobile for taking to client locations and such and getting desktops for the office. But for the office you will want to take advantage of any many systems as you can get, ESPECIALLY to get a netwok going to setup a renderfarm.

Get maybe 1 or 2 high end systams for porduction, then some lower end satellite systems to help when rendering.

So to answer your question in short... technically: yes; practically: maybe not, but only you know what will be easyer for you. You guys have to do the numbers, forget about the prospect of having a new toy. Remember.. TIME IS MORE than MONEY, do not kid yourselves about it, many new business forget about this simple equation and fall flat. Item A may be 20% cheeper, but Item B can get the same job done 400% faster. Too many choose A only seeng the obvious $$$

Either way...Good luck with your new adventure. Stick it out and be agressive getting clients. If you love what you do the money will come.

09 September 2006, 02:31 AM
I agree with bobozo...Having laptops is cool, but you probably want to get a few (4) older x office pc to create a render farm..You'll need it!..setting up screamernet for LW aswell...Its my understanding if you want to use Vue and LW with Xstream, the rendering is done with LW and a render farm is a must...Using 5 pc makes it 5 times faster to render.


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09 September 2006, 02:31 AM
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