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12 December 2001, 06:35 PM
Hey folks,

I love the idea of the challenges and can't wait to get started, but could someone, for the love of Mike, post one message that contains the actual challenge, deadline, etc? I don't want to have to wade through 10 pages of messages to figure it out.

I saw that someone suggested that they host the rules and current challenge on their site. While that's a generous offer, I think it'd be better to just create a general rules thread and have the admins lock it off from replies. Likewise, for the current challenge, once it's been finalized, I think a thread, once the challenge has been defined, should contain the details on the first message (easy to find), with WIP images below. Then, when it comes to final images, I think there should be another thread that says something like "So-and-so Challenge: Final Images" so there is no confusion about where to place them and look at them.

That's it.


12 December 2001, 11:25 PM
Originally posted by Golgoth_bla
it's nerver too late ;)
the final rules for this first challenge are

1) Male
2) thin and tall
3) Alien like
4) Big hands and feet
5) a tail
6) Pirate themed
7) A Prosthetic part
8) an item in hand, like weapon, magic item or spoon (?!)
9) friendly looking

10) wings optionnal (they can be organic or mechanic )

Challenge competion expires february the first.

2D drawings accepted , you'll have to make a model sheet (perspective view + detail views )

3D: just modelling an rigging, textures are a +
Render it from different point of view so we can see details, try maybe to render it with a cool pose.

i had to look out for it :p but i think u already know that

12 December 2001, 12:00 AM
Excellent! Thank you!


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