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09 September 2006, 01:53 AM
Hi all,
Sorry if this has been posted about before but I can't seem to find the information that will help me.

Scenario is this: we have an animated camera in MAX and I am trying to import this into VUE 5 Infinite. This creates 2 problems.

1 is that the keys for animation on the camera look like they only go to frame 100 (the max cam has 450 frames). The timeline is set to 450 frames in VUE but whenever I sync the cam in the stripe representing animation only goes to f100.

2 is the location of the imported camera in VUE. Accuracy of position isnt that important but the camera seems to be placed waaay off to the north of the VUE landscape we want rendered in the background.

When I scrub along the timeline the horizon seems to jitter once but that is all. The animation of the camera isnt that complex. Maybe 3 keys for the cam and target. (6 all up).

I want to render out the VUE images and comp them later as a BG to other objects rendered out from MAX (ie MAX - burning ship falling from the sky, VUE - sky/clouds and landscape/horizon) while the camera pans slowly down and turns quickly to another object of interest in the animation.

Any info would be sweet. Ive hunted about for a few hours and come up with nothing helpful. Please keep in mind I am n00b at VUE so type slowly so that I may understand ;).

Thanks in advance.

PS I'll post this on both VUE and MAX areas.

09 September 2006, 06:57 AM
Heres one for lightwave but hopefully it will show you the steps needed on how to do the same in max.

09 September 2006, 12:01 AM
ill give the links a look and see how we go.

09 September 2006, 01:17 PM
this is what you want:

I don't have or use xtream. Read this thread from page 3, it details the process to sync max and vue.
In a nutshell:

1) Install the MAX synchro plug ins found in your Vue5 CD.

2) set up lights and animate your camera, say 150 frames long.

3)In Max, press f10 to bring out your render options.

Under Common menu, you MUST click RANGE and set it to whatever you need, this case 0-150

You MUST CLOSE the Dialog window.

4) Under utilities, select 'more' and the vue synchro. Select all the lights and camera and press synchronise. A message will pop up to say successful synchronisation.

Pasted from my earlier thread:

a) Synchronisation successful message should appear.
b) Make sure your building axis thingy is at y-axis zero or your model will appear above or below vue's horizon line. Export your building to 3ds format
c) launch Vue and accept synchro data.
d) import your 3ds model with the resize and center option set to OFF. At this point you will probably see nothing.
e) Select Vue main camera
f) At the top right hand Main camera menu, select Motion rollout to synchronised. Scale of sync will appear as 10.0. Set it to 1.0 and click the sync camera again in the top right hand menu
g) Your building will snap into view, perfectly synced with Max camera view.
h) Create your terrain around the building, it doesn't matter if trees grow in front of it, the masks later will separate the ecotrees. When you select your ecosystem material, do not auto populate the ecosystem as the terrain will be very, very huge due to importing objects into Vue at Max's units.
i) Select edit ecomaterial and go to root material, scale UP all plants, rocks, etc by at least a factor of 10. This will enable Vue to populate the terrain witthout self destructing (Edit: For me it was very slow and I tired of waiting). The scale will be about right visually plus minus twenty feet or so for tree heights. You have to experiment here.
j) Select render options and set quality to final and above. Select multipass and LEARN how to render out the alpha channels and SAVE as a MULTIPASS PSD format.
k) What you want for arch viz. are the object masks, layer masks and shadow masks. In twenty words or less, these masks allow you to separate trees that are in front of your building and separate your building from the ecosystem. (Edit: I lied, it's 21 words)
l) Render the scene in vue. If its 800 x 600 pixels here, use same for max.
m) Render your building in Max with alpha channel. If its 800 x 600 pixels here, use same for VUE. (because the camera are perfectly synced, remember?)
n) Bring both renders into PSHOP and figure out the masks and separate the elements. Replace the building from Vue (because of the masks, you were able to separate the Vue building into its own layer) with your building from Max
o) Composited happiness.

If you ahve a max sunlight, the sycnchro process is the same, follow step f and g above and your vue sun will snap into position. Select a vue atmosphere and take it from there.

Read the thread here from page 3 onwards (more tips for working with Max):

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