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09 September 2006, 12:33 PM
Allright I wasnt sure if I was going to do this or not but after seeing Espens stuff I got inspired. heres what I have after a day. The textures are place holders so dont judge those yet... oh yeah and he's missing a thumb =P Ill get to it I swear.

Current count is 4100 tri's. Its based from the concept art for the Death Knight in Warcraft.

09 September 2006, 12:49 PM
Nice start! I think that maybe he could benefit from a little more length on his lower half. Also maybe instead of getting the skirt forms, and possibly the helmet wing forms, from triangles, maybe you could spare a lot there for other areas, and instead use an alpha? There's something about the silouette that is throwing me off, can't put my finger on it, maybe proportions? I'm unsure, but it is a cool start, and I'd love to see more of it.

09 September 2006, 07:00 PM
Hi JamusT,
I am pleased to see that you finally decided to jump on the Blizzard Art Contest bandwagon. And to hear that my stuff actually inspired you is great. I do like the character so far! Here comes my c&c...

design: you did not mean a sketch from "The Art of World of Warcraft" book right? If you have a picture I am sure you should post it here. As to the design itself, and I don't know what comes from Blizzard here, I would recommend some adjustments: I think you should open the helmet so that we can see his face. This was especially recommended somewhere at the Blizzard Art Contest Website. This will give the character a lot more personality and will show your face modeling skills. I also think that you should make his bones thicker to make him appear stronger. This would also add to the typical WoW cartoon style exaggeration. Give him some other type of weapon - at the moment it looks like a baseball bat.. or if you want to give the whole character an ironic twist: make it a baseball bat! On his left arm there is a piece of decoration that I can't recognize - you should specify this or delete it. A character like this one would have some special effect stuff around ,think about how to realize this (transparency planes and stuff) - as it's a magical creature you need something magic to underline it's power...

wip version:
may I ask why do you have so many polys right from the beginning? And in some areas like the shield there are very long thin polys that give a lot of problems when shaded.

Keep on going! This is going to be good!


09 September 2006, 09:19 PM
Lookin' cool Jamus. Just some small suggestions. I see what you're doing with the gauntlet on the left arm. Like the glove has been ripped or rotted off. Correct me if I'm wrong. If I'm not, I would tatter it up a bit, make it look more weathered and torn. The face on the shield looks really flat right now, like it could be pulled off with a texture. You're missing a thumb, but what if it were missing a finger or two? That might look kind of cool. Agree with Espen on the character's face if you have time. Good stuff!

09 September 2006, 09:55 PM
Hey all. Great critiques so far. Let me post what I was working from so you can see whats in my head. I added the horn to shield last night and will post an update when I get a bit more added to it.

BenEoff: I debated the alpha, right now I was sticking with the full form since I like the thickness. I feel it gives it more solidity. I may end up changing the wings to planes though, Im kinda undecided, I have so many extra poly's I can use that I didnt worry about it.

Espen: Hey man. Theres a lot of good advice in there, I would love to hear your suggestions after seeing the sketch. As to the poly count it was mainly due to having so many to work from. I knew my average character was around 4k or so. I just let myself model it all out however it flowed. You think I should knock down the poly count? It was late when I deicded to quit for the day and post so I probably wasnt thinking the clearest =)

JimmyMac: Hi Jimmy. Good point on the shield. Maybe Ill cut that down to drop some of my unneeded polys. I was also thinking of building biceps and forearmsbut making them almost completely transparent to give the arms more bulk.

Thanks for the feedback guys.


09 September 2006, 10:12 PM
Sweet looking character to be working with. I really like the design. I can offer just a few pointers now that I've seen the concept art.

For the wings on the head, you would be much better to just have flat planes and a texture with alpha for this part. If you curve the planes a bit you'll get a feeling of depth but you would only have to use about 1/4 of your current polygons.

I would also suggest getting away from using the bone-like limbs after seeing the concept. It looks like they were going for more of an etheral effect. For this I would recommened modleing the arms at normal size, then experimenting with how you can wrap some blue lightning type textures with alpha to acheive the same effect.

Good luck!

09 September 2006, 10:58 AM
Hey all thanks for the critique. I have a lot of clean up to do on this one I think, he was kinda speed modelled so I can see a lot of my mistakes thanks to your critiques. Appreciate it. I spent tonight touching up textures on my skaven but I should be back to this guy soon. Thanks again for the feedback.


09 September 2006, 03:37 PM

I love your model, it's incredibly well adapted from the concept sketch. I always loved that sketch (it's in the Art of Warcraft), and am glad to see it in 3D. I can't however understand why everyone is doing low-poly stuff. isnt it more fun to do "cinematic"?! I'm working on a 2D environment for the contest, myself...

no critique, then again I'm not big on 3D...

cheeers, n.

09 September 2006, 04:35 PM
hey hey ... gj thus far. I think you have recieved some wonderful crits. The only thing I'd say is play with some alphas and really try and get that magical effect like as if he's firey and powerful. I think you can easily adjust your mesh, give hime some bulk, and make him powerful like in the concept in a very short about of time. After mesh is adjusted, I would recommend experimenting with ring selection in edge mode and starting to collapse those unnessary polys/tris. With the edge collapse technique you will be able to take notice to how you are editiing the mesh and how the shape is retaining. Although Blizzard gave the limit of 5000 poly's they did mention that all there current characters are 2000 so I think in order to really get it to blizzard quality you would need to utilize those polys, make sure each one counts, and really make sure the use of textures/alphas/planes/etc really help take it to the next level.

Overall .. its moving along fine, goodluck.


09 September 2006, 05:26 PM
I joint to others - alphas!
the first thing that comes in mind r hands. Cylindrical semi-transparent surfaces around them - that will really add final touch and approach ur model closer to concept.
greetings with good work ;)

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09 September 2006, 05:26 PM
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