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09 September 2006, 07:20 PM
before i talk about my question...i must make an apology to you guys for my poor english:sad:

and because of that. i use a lost of pics, hope these pictures can let you understand what i mean....

okay...there is my question. and it's what i lost for.

as i know, modeling an eye, lots of people useing a loop to circle it around.

like this..

makeing this kind of eye, i think is simple for me or for anyone ealse.
and the edges with the orange color (fig.J) is where the eyelid folded.

although i knew the fold eyelids can fake it , but if i really wnat to build this up as a real geometry. what problem the overlap will bring?


anyway,this overlap is just a small one (fig.J) , what really bothering me is next one...
see in the orange edges in fig.D:applause: ...><

actually, i dont need to modeling an eye like this.

but.... since i took a picture from my friend as a reference.
and...this is what she's eyes look like...

can you see the corner of the eye (fig.A)?where the upper eyelid attach to there.

and because this "attach". i have too build the fold on real geometry...>< this is what i think.

so...if i have an eye with this kind of big overlap... what problem it will cause ??
and... it's "totally wrong" or just "better not" ?
and....if this way is not can i avoid this....><???

there is reference, and another question.

the question is....i think the flow in the end of upper eyelid should goes with a1 and b1. but if i let my polyline fallow this way, it seems not a "loop" any more, right? or it's still a loop, just not a circle?

and if i use a circular loop like a2 and b2...i will lose the shape and flow which shown as a blue arrow on a2,b2

so...which one will be better? like i said. if i use a2,b2 then i need to adjust a lot to get things right, at least let the upper eyelid's flow like she's eyes.

but i think a circular loop should make animate lot more easy??

and if i fallow the flow like a1 and b1, it cause another problem. see the picture right down.

the problem is , this flow makes too many edges at the side of eye(fig.F).....@@

still haveing a big overlap, and i don't even know this model can be use in animate or not?
(yeah! it can be use in animation, but it can't move well @@)

in factes, i see both of loop from many model.

but i also hearing some people said, the circulr loop better not exist any "5 star or 3 star".

so... what should i do with this kind of eye?

because i found that the most of asia people have this kind of eye (i mean upper eyelid attach to the corner) and you can see the attach point clearly, it fallow the fold all the way to the corner, so i don't think use texture will work.

even mine have this kind of eye......(ok... now you guys must wondering? isn't the all asia people should have a "single-fold eyelids"?:thumbsup: )

:twisted: hum......i would rather whole of the people on this planet all have single-fold eyelds.

so i wouldn't lost in this black hole of eyelids ........


again, thanks for your patient and very very sorry about my english ><

but, fortunately my reading is better then writing. so...about my question, if you can't understand what i mean. just tell me, and i will try to explain it more accurately.^^

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09 September 2006, 07:20 PM
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