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03 March 2002, 12:21 AM

this is some of my 2d work from a while ago im really intrested to hear what people think,, this image is scanned from my sketch book its a fairly quick sketch of a idea i had,,, irts enlarged a bit and also layed onto a coulored background with pshop

any views good and bad please let me know!!:)


03 March 2002, 12:27 AM
and this is a life drawing photographed from a a1 sheet,, it took about 4 hours,, and is created with charcole, graphite and acrilic,, this was created a few years back tho,,

:) d

03 March 2002, 12:54 AM
whats a guy got to do to get some crit round here!!!:(

or am i so good know one knows how 2 crit me???? :p


03 March 2002, 08:51 AM
ok im just giving my point of view....... no offence....
your first pic doesnt work as a cartoon drawing or a life drawing
but since its a quick sketch...well.... but still, add more curves to your drawing... its sort of "dead" thats a personal opinion.... again.... no offence.......since you ask for a critic and it happen to be me.

your second drawing however, the life drawing, is not bad....
well im not really sure are you going for life drawing or cartoon drawing. i just feel that your first drawing lacks personal style?

i dunno... correct me if im wrong.. and well again.... no offence

03 March 2002, 01:52 PM
I agree with odin_n. I don't like the first image, but the life drawing is well done.

But, is it just me or does it look like the life drawing model has two elbow joints in her left arm? The upper arm seems to bend in two places. Plus, her ass is kinda wrinkly.

Other than that, good job. :)

03 March 2002, 05:40 PM
hay this is more like it:)

thanks 4 the feedback!!!!

odin_n - no offence taken i like the honest opinion! i wasnt trying to do a life drawing of a cartoon drawing just put a vision onto paper,, guess its kind of semi realistic hehe!!

im not sure i quite follow about it being dead can u expand on this as i am interested to know more!! guess its a strange sketch more like a some kind of pattern than a character,,:)

(...) - i see what u r getting at about the elbow its actually because its hidden behind the fabric she is lying on,, i see this in the drawing but guess maybe others dont,, ive never noticed b4 but u r right here ass is a bit wrinkly hehe:) it wasnt like that in real life hehhe!:) can u say more about the first image id be inrested to know more,,




03 March 2002, 05:57 PM
I like the weird style the Firts Images has!
I wish it could be a litle more well defined to be able to understand more easily the weird shapes of this character!

The second one is not bad too...This one wan't an easy one...really strange perspective. You sucessfully did it!

I agree with ... for the left arm...there is something weird in the curves that give the impression of a second elbow or a broken arm :)

As you, I really ain't like when I post a thread and I got many views and absolutely no reply...I belive feedbacks are a good parts of the challenge when doing any kind of art...When art start to be something for "egocentriks"...I think it's loosing it's essential sence!

Good work man!

03 March 2002, 02:34 AM
I like the first image far more than the second.I think 4 hours is to much for that kind of life drawing.Capturing the forms in far less time would hve much more interesting result imho:) ......... I'm sure now,that i like your 1st image very much;) .well,i like them both.

03 March 2002, 03:00 AM
p2k - hay thanks 4 the great reply!!!:) glad u like the wierd style !!! yes its is a bit rough it was done in just 10 mins if that, the pen was moving all the time untill the end,, if there is a end?!hehe!!

i have some more sketches of this guy from diffrent angles and a start of a high polly 3d moddel,, it kind of got abandoned at the mo due to other stuff but i hope to turn it into something,, at some point i might post the other sketches if anyone is interested,,, and it has a bit more to the concept and stuff,, its kind of freaky tho,,

u deffinitly know your stuff when it comes to life drawing,, this was a pose set by r tutor to be v chalenging,,

!!4 anyone who doesent know about this!! the main problem is a thing called foreshortening that u can see in the leg and foot as it comes towards you,, it becomes hard because it is quite front on and this creates all kind of problems when trying to draw it,,

its very easy to make a incorrect mesurement and make the model look like she is distorted,,,or has a tiny head or huge feet,,,(for example)

u can prbobly see the darker lines on the foot where i have made many alterations,,

i have a whole series of these drawings,,, i realised b4 that i painted them 6 years ago,, phew,,,

i put the attached image together to show u what is going on with the arm,, perhaps there is somthing slightly crooked about it,, not quite sure,,

yeah it sucks when there r no replys,, :( sorry all about my arogent sounding post above,, just trying to envoke a response!! hehe!!

its great to get feed back of any kind, simple, complexed, good or bad it can help loads,,

good philosiphy("egocentriks") ,, isnt that a quote fromsome where???

dtek:) :)

03 March 2002, 03:14 AM
Cgkoko-- hay glad u liked them:)

- the life drawing was really done because thats what the tutor wanted us to do in class,, i guess,, but we were free to do it in out own way,,, it took a while but that was mainly due to the amount of measuring that needed to be done due to the angle of the pose see above reply... its funny u should say that it would be more interesting becase i have another image done more in this way it took 15 mins and people always jump to this in my folio and say they like it most,,, :) maybe its a question of asthetics,,,

i attached a small version of this one 2

thanks again!!

i love greece by the way spinach pie rules!!!:D

dtek :cool:

03 March 2002, 08:49 AM
Ohh man, this one is really great!!
I really like the!

03 March 2002, 07:21 PM
Originally posted by dtek8
hay this is more like it:)

thanks 4 the feedback!!!!

odin_n - no offence taken i like the honest opinion! i wasnt trying to do a life drawing of a cartoon drawing just put a vision onto paper,, guess its kind of semi realistic hehe!!

im not sure i quite follow about it being dead can u expand on this as i am interested to know more!! guess its a strange sketch more like a some kind of pattern than a character,,:)


the "dead" i was talking about in your first drawing is the fact that if you wanna post a semi realistic or sort of cartoony work, i think curves are very important... but im not good at doing seimi realistic stuff... you gave it a good try i would say... im more into 2d design and characters stuffs....if you wan i could post my work on wednesday? some of my own personal designs?

on commenting your life drawing, im must say they impressed me in the terms of linework..... im pretty into life drawing also my personal comment on your life drawing, inculding the one on sitting on the chair, i must say your linework and shades are good, but they can still be improved.... as im also studying now, my module lecturer could draw lines of single stroke to create form and shape. of course that takes practice but i can say you can make it


03 March 2002, 04:57 AM
p2k - glad u liked it :)

odin_n- thanks for taking time to expand:) firstly yeah!!! it would be great to see some of your work:) ,, whatever u want pesonal designs! lifedrawing im looking forward to seing what ever u put up!!! i check every day to this site im asuming u r gonna posts here in the 2d art section if not just tell me where!!:) i will look forward to giving u feedback!!

- ok i understand what u say when u talk about curves but why should i put them in my picture aththough it has many curves and non strait lines,, !! not smooth flowing ones i guess,,, but it didnt really happen like that that i suppose,, :) :) have u heard of the art decco movement art mainly consisting of strait lines,, actualy i was just joking about the semi realistc bit:) i suppose it is more of a styalised character than anything cartoony of realistic maybe take african art as a example of somthing that i somehow found myself to look towards in my vision:D

thanyou for what u said about my life drawing and your tutor sonds awesome!!!,, unfortunatly i dont studi at college anymore (though i wish i did) i want to take a after work class but right now i have to many other things to do,, so atleast when i have spare time i go to the park and sketch trees and animals,, i guess it is someting we can always improve on untill the day we die,, the same with any art form!!!!

i think it was piccaso that when his hands became to old and crippled to paint he found he still had enough movement left to create collage out of torn paper, and this is how explored and expanding his work untill he died!!!


03 March 2002, 04:41 PM
yoz... excellent words and feedbacks that you give for my post as well .... hey really thanks for the time..... i look forward to your work also....i really like your life drawing though... hehehheh well really feel happy for you guys out working in the industry........well im still studying now and i get to go for singapore's national service [thats a compulsaory for guys] well im really afraid i would loose out my skills when i go in there for 3 years.......and its currently going to be my final year of school............ really afraid of going to the industry.......hoped by then i could have some skills to survive out there........hope to see more guys of 2d or 3d to post their work here and share together



03 March 2002, 08:02 PM
First off, I haven't read the other posts, but I'll reply anyway (in a bit of a rush). The first pic, scrap it. It doesn't convey anything. Us as artists/animators, you have to get into the head of the character and convey those emotions you are trying to portray.

The second pic. I can see that you have a fairly good grasp on understanding the form, all I can really suggest is to draw more, more, MORE! :) Here are a couple of artists that I tend to study from a lot,

Glenn Vilppu -
Harry Carmean - (you will notice his influence on my work, has a great book of his for only $6 U.S.)

Keep it up,


03 March 2002, 03:10 PM
odin- cool hope to see more of your work 2 especially if u make the changes everybody suggested...

must be tuff going to the army,we r luckly in the uk we dont have this,, i have friends from other places that have done it,,,i guess the only thing u can do is take many drawing supplies and just keep at it whenever u get the chance!!!:)

lilo- thank u for taking the time to reply :) i dont want to scrap my character tho!!!,, or this drawing i t was just the first grain of a new idea and i just wanted to record it b4 forrgetting it,, i guess i can work on the character bits later,,, i know that its needs way more work:) thanks for the book tips and help:)


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