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01 January 2003, 10:09 PM
Ok so i found the teaser over at ( and thought to myself, "self, that's a really really cool glow effect they have there... I wonder if my little ol AM could do something like that..."
and without a second thought I tried to make a little rubiks cube with a couple of different squares glowing in no particular order.

I got the model done... I made an action where i changed the color and the ambiance of a square over 30 frames.. dropped the cube in in a choreography, applied the action.. removed the lights... and voila.. 30 frames of black nothingness..

Am I missing something? Can Am not make something Glow in the absence of light?.. I mean I feel kinda silly pointing a light at stuff in order to make it glow.. Or did I forget somthing trivial and you can call me stupid and I'll feel better...
And it seems to work just fine as soon as I put a light in there and light up the model... It just looks silly.


01 January 2003, 05:13 AM
Ok... this is SO weird.
so i accidentally miss the close button on am
I minimize it and go watch 'the big game' (the commercials sucked)
come back, mazimize AM and it renders correctly with no changes or anything... Guess the renderer needed to warm up or something....

Someone shoot me...


01 January 2003, 07:38 AM
Glows are really screwed up in versions 9.51e and 10.

You wanna see glow in the dark? Take a perfectly black targa image and assign it to the camera rotoscope. Set it to be in front, set transparency to 0%. Now aim the camera at your glowing object.

The result: the glow will render. Nothing but the glow. Not even the object that glows. Just the glow itself. Everything else will be black.

Apparently glows go right through camera rotoscopes.
I had a problem with a title rotoscope so I had to keyframe a black 'shutter' of sorts covering up the camera to keep the glow out of the picture.

Well, that's Crash Aggravation Master for you: no other software teaches ingenuiny quite the same way.

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