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08 August 2006, 09:45 PM
Okay, so when I'm modelling clothes, I usually just select the polygons I want, and copy and paste them into their own object. But I'm wondering for cloth is it preferable to leave it without thickness, or to run a thickness operator to give it some (if I want to apply cloth dynamics to it)? Thanks in advance.

08 August 2006, 07:48 AM
It depends.
Running a simulation on a one poly thick cloth item is much less prone to simulation crashing and of course, faster. Once your simulation is done, you can then add the thickness modifier and other modeling enhancements over the animated surface.

One problem is extreme cloth folding/bunching up etc, where you will have geometry crash-through's when you apply the thickness modifier due to surface proximity.
This can be avoided by adjusting the cloth flex, stretch, stiffness etc properties to not come so close to each other or collapse on themselves completely.

I recommend where possible, simulate before thickness.

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08 August 2006, 07:48 AM
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