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08 August 2006, 10:28 PM
I'm currently making a toilet in "3DSMax" but it seems I have a little problem. When I render the object with "Meshsmooth" with 3 iterations and "NURMS" subdiv. method a protuberance appear exactly at the center (but not at the top or the back). I'm making the object with reference images and the "Symmetry" modifier. Here is the specific protuberance and some screenshots : ( ( (

On this image I have applied "Meshsmooth" with "NURMS" subdiv. method and 1 iteration : (

...but after I set the iterations to 3 (for smoother surface) there's the protuberance appearing : (

Can anybody help me and tell how can I get rid of this annoying protuberance?

08 August 2006, 02:16 AM
Before meshsmoothing collapse your stack , get rid off that edge in the center ,then add your meshsmooth. hope this helps!

08 August 2006, 08:28 AM
Thanks... :thumbsup:

08 August 2006, 09:10 AM
you're welcome!

08 August 2006, 05:34 PM
Here's the final rendered image which I couldn't have done without your help:

Daylight: (

Interior light: (

08 August 2006, 10:50 AM
You're welcome man , very glad for you, and good job :thumbsup:

08 August 2006, 12:39 PM
Hello !

I'm a little bit late but perhaps this could help you in the future.

When applying Meshsmooth modifier and using the Symmetry modifier the Symmetry should always be under the Meshsmooth in the stack. I always do this when modeling symmetrical objects and it works well for me.

Hope this helps.

PS : Very well done lighting and rendering ;)

Sorry for my bad english ...and typos !

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08 August 2006, 12:39 PM
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