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01 January 2003, 09:52 PM
I saw a lot of people having problems with maya and certain ATI products so i thought I might post this.

I just bought an ATI 8500DV All in Wonder and like the card alot. The only problem I had with it was that it didn't work well with Maya so I thought that it might be a driver problem (which looks as if it is). So I upgrade to the catalyst 3 drivers and it still works boggy on my somewhat medium models in the viewports. The sad thing is that it's slower than my GeForce2 on rotate, pan and dollys which I would have thought it would've kicked moucho butt at. So I download the standard 3D mark 2001se to see if it can point me in any directions. I bench it against my wife's computer which has a GF2 MX440 in it and the 8500DV wins out hands down except in one area:

My computer (8500DV):
High Polygon Count (1 light) 4.8 MTriangels/s
High Polygon Count (8 lights) 4.0 MTriangels/s

My wife's computer (GF2 MX440):
High Polygon Count (1 light) 13.5 MTriangels/s
High Polygon Count (8 lights) 4.5 MTriangels/s

So I figure that it just can't handle the polys. I continue to tweak and configure and I'm about to give up and just for the heck of it I turn off Hardware Acceleration. Amazingly it runs a LOT smoother in maya now. I bumped it up a bit from off (the computer almost came to a stand-still after shutting down maya) and at the third notch the computer still runs decent but Maya is totally workable now. I just need to remember to change the setting when working with maya and playing my games.

This seems to tell me that ATI is having difficutly writing drivers for DirectX since at the level of hardware acceleration I have it at disables all directdraw, direct3d accelerations and directX accelerated applications. Apparently it's going to require my comp handling most the calculations for maya and the card sitting in the bench except for some specific tasks.

If any of you know how I can up the hardware acceleration to full and still maintain good, med-high poly movement I'd be all up for hearing it. This is my first bout with an ATI product so I may just be missing something simple.


01 January 2003, 07:35 AM
If you search through the forums, I had the same question posed about 2 months back. But I didn't get any good OpenGL drivers or advice. So, I switched to a GF4 Ti4200.

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