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01 January 2003, 03:18 PM
I no I should know but I only do 3D as a hobby,could some one please give me advice on how to update my the driver on the graphics card
Nvidia Riva TNT2 Model 64

I have down loaded the Driver from there site ready but after reading the on-line manual it seems you have a lot to set up.

This all started when I used LW for a simple animation and all I could see is a bounding box ,after reading the manual I found i could increase the box Threshold this I have done and all is now ok!.Its just that my system is now 3yrs old and so must be the drivers.

Another thing that happens is that if I have a detailed model with lots of polygons there is a delay between mouse movement and screen rotation could this be because i only have 384 of Ram

01 January 2003, 11:49 PM
i think i've answered this before, but i can't find the post, so i'll redo it.

step 1: go to add/remove programs and remove the existing nvidia drivers. reboot when prompted. (if you have really old drivers, you may need to remove them from add/remove hardware. only do this if the drivers aren't listed in add/remove programs).

step 2: just before windows starts, hit F8 and choose to start windows in safe mode. this will take a little while, as no drivers are loaded and windows runs pretty slow.

step 3: once in windows, search for all files named nv*.* in your c:\windows or c:\winnt folders. make sure you search all subdirectories. delete anything the search finds. you may need to do this a few times depending on how the searcher feels about things.

step 4: (don't do this if you are unfamiliar with REGEDIT!!!!)
open the registry editor (start->run-> "regedit") and browse to:


and delete the whole "NVIDIA Corporation" key.

reboot again.

step 5: make sure you have the drivers downloaded that you want to install. when windows reboots it'll give a message like "new hardware found". just cancel these massages. find the drivers you downloaded, and run the .exe file to install the new ones. reboot when prompted and you'll have a clean set of the new drivers ready to go!

having said all of that: your card is quite old, and probably won't help you alot with your 3d apps. you might want to try a geforce4ti4200, or a geforce2mx on a shoestring budget.

for anything that's a TNT, TNT2, geforce or geforce2, i'd suggest using the latest non-40 detonator drivers (30.82's are still available on the nvidia website somewhere, i think). the 40 series and up are further optimised towards pixel shader features, and tend to give slightly worse performance on older hardware.

01 January 2003, 07:23 PM
Thanks!!!!!! Elvis to the rescue again Abe:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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