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01 January 2003, 01:24 AM
You guys have done a tremendous amount for the hash community in the past and have continued that tradition here.

William and Brian stepped into a heaping pile of crap with this forum - born, as it was, out of a renegade crop of rightfully disgruntled folks that got the boot from the list.

You have done a fantastic job of keeping people and the "flame threads" in perspective and preventing this forum from turning into a "trash Hash" circus. William, especially, has been the voice of reason on many threads as they seemed to go astray - requesting valid bug reports instead of unfounded speculation; offering sugegstions on how to keep the app running when it may nto want to; and making it clear that they are focused on the community and not the company.

Instead of producing more noise, you guys have turned the anger into something productive in hopes that Hash will respond - I applaud you guys!:applause:

While I have moved onto other apps - I sincerely hope that all your efforts, and the efforts of all the folks here mark a turning point for Martin and the Hash crew. I look forward to the day the A:M CD spends it's time in my CD drive again - instead of hanging on thumbtack as office decoration... If that day comes, it will be in large part due to your work here.

Thank you, guys!

01 January 2003, 02:05 AM
Hear! Hear!
I raise a toast to that!:beer:

01 January 2003, 02:18 AM
I agree. It would have been very easy for them to just join in on the Hash bashing, but they've shown a commendable level of restraint. They obviously love the software itself, but they also understand why we would be so upset with the actual *company*.

01 January 2003, 02:20 AM
Now you guys see why I appointed them :) great chaps over at eggington



01 January 2003, 10:41 PM
Thank you. . . I really we can make a difference. Its great to see so many people jump aboard.

Spread the word!

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