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Ben Lumumba
01 January 2003, 07:09 PM
and greatings too all forum members.

I have just a couple of question.

1)Current drops of prices for some 3d package makes those high-end packages very affordable
and specially that there are a toons and toons of professionals learning materials in the form of DVD's,
DVD's,VHS's,downloadable *.mov's files.. excelent delivered manuals about whole software aspect
and free tutorials make those package more
attractive for users,particulary me and I have to invest in some long term investition

2)Please respond as seriously as possible bacause I have to make
my mind up,to decide (please,read entire post ,and understand it,think about,
and than if you have answer,replay with only "YES" or "NO",any other comment
will be not taken in consideration)
I don't post to open disscusions as pro's and con's and to make individual war as "my software versus your software"
or "take it or leave it"..."or good software bad software"
Be free to e-mail me privately;

3)Is there anybody out there (companies or individuals)
who uses AM as for professional professional 3d tool
for real production in the long term(long term planing)or used AM and primary 3d character
animation tool under reasonable production time)?

4)Can AM itself be used as real 3d character animation tool by normal people for real production
or is only for hobby/home use?

5)Third,if anybody of you produced something with AM that he/she is proud to show,
please,let me know (show me);
Also,let me know how long you needed to complete the project?

6)Could anybody complete ST45CD tuts(I have all cd's they produced about AM) workshop with
current version of AM (CD 2002,9.91e update and all 10 beta's ,6,7,8,9)?

7)Could anybody complete Anzovin CD,QuickStart?

8)What is the biggest new features in new version 10.5

Best regards,

01 January 2003, 11:55 PM
please,read entire post ,and understand it,think about,
and than if you have answer,replay with only "YES" or "NO",any other comment
will be not taken in consideration

LOL! A lot of your questions can't be answered with a YES or NO or aren't questions at all.

01 January 2003, 12:49 AM
Wow thats a post.
So you are looking into buying a:m. Hm. that is quite the topic. Especially of late...
Proffesional users of AM. I am not one and i believe that there are few who are. Even fewer of late. Eggington, one of the few studios to use AM has switched over to Lightwave/Messiah and i believe several others have as well. Not being a proffesional user i cannot speak with full authority but i am quite willing to report hearsay (see this thread ( for a more authoritatative position, but be warned, it bashes AM into the ground for 3-4 pages).
The jist is that A:M is unstable, has many paper-only tools, lacks sub-d, is falling behind, and that the company is quite... strange.
All of these make AM unsuitable for a fullscale studio or anyone that needs to make anything in a hurry.
It is however excellent for learning many of the basics of 3d, especially character animation, in an easy, and often times fun manner.

As for a comparison: Here is a face i did in AM. It took me roughly 12 hrs and is the 7th iteration of a long string of heads.
A small side note: AM cannot produce a smooth surface without an extreme amount of tweaking. This is a rather clean mesh, but the only way i could make it smooth was to apply a material that would artificially smooth the surface, thereby destroying most of the detail you worked so hard to create.

I have upgraded to Maya, this is the difference: about 5 hrs and something resembling a head. This was my 3rd model, ever.

Granted maya is a much more powerful and expensive tool, but there are several programs nearer the price of AM that can produce similar results.
Thats all i can say.
Sidenote: i am still on v.8.5. v9-v9.5 were horrible and i haven't tried v10 yet Some say v10 is a vast improvement. (theyre on v10.5 already!!!! holy f*)

01 January 2003, 12:54 AM

ps: current version is 10.0b not 10.5

01 January 2003, 12:34 AM
Here are my YES/NO answers.
1)Yes, er No, uhm is this a question?
8) No?

And in closing Maybe.

By the way, I never knew toons worke in the industry. I thought they were a product:)

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