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08 August 2006, 04:26 PM
Hi, my name is Matt and I'm a web-designer in PHX, AZ. This is my first finished Matte Painting. This has been a great project for me. Thanks guys. I am really digging alot of the other concepts and paintings for this contest. Good luck to everyone! Shout outs to my friends at LabOrganika.



January, 1945

In a last ditch effort to turn the war around, Adolf Hitler asks the Vril Society to find him a powerful weapon that could destroy the allied armies. Heinrich Himmler and other members of Germany's Occult Groups devise a plan to find the lost city of Atlantis and to bring back a fabled weapon. An elite group of the SS is formed to steal a top secret American sub, find Atlantis, and to bring back the legendary "black hammer".

February 5th, 1945

The top secret sub reaches a remote trench in the Mediterranean Ocean. Last communications were from the sub's captain saying "Entwicklung...Entwicklung!" over and over again.

Present Day

Atlantean spies are returning with sad news on a daily basis. Reports of global warming and cataclismic enviromental wrong-doings have upset Atlantis's leaders. Having survived their fall into the ocean, the Atlanteans have evolved their technology but managed to live in harmony with the cold depths of the ocean. Rumor is spreading through Atlantis of topworld invasion. Votes through the Atlantean senate are unanimous. War is imminent. The holy flame ignites in Dead-Atlantis, causing a stir in the Holy leaders. War propaganda is spread through the city and most of the citizens support the jihad.

Atlantis is alive, the have "black hammer", and they are pissed.


I am not going to show every seperate photo that I used for this image so we'll skip that part. I used about 100 photos for this and we'd be looking at them all day if I posted them here. All photos are Royalty Free.

First sketch. Oh man it's ugly but just gotta get my ideas on paper.

I want this thing to look organic but the perspective just doesn't work for me. Needs to look BIGGER.

Much better. Now I'm getting excited.

Nice and organic. Ok this is what I am gonna try to paint.

I'm still learning to create some things by scratch for mattes so I try to create a 3d model to base some of my later painting and collage work onto. I go over to a friends house to use 3ds Max and low and behold I still suck at it and my model looks like poop.

so then I end up drawing new shapes. Still looks like poop.

good color study though. I like the green better than the blue. gotta have some city-night-lights in there later.

Good idea but not really sure how to start on the city. I scrap the shapes and keep the perspective but try to use organic looking buildings.

Good color study. too dark though. but I am on the right track.

And that's it.


File size got up to 444 MB when I was bringing in elements.

I created this at a resolution of 4000 x 3000.

edit : I worked on this at such high resolution because I wanted to practice working on a file that could be used for 3d camera mapping on a dolly-in shot.

Final image is comprised of 100 layers.

20 adjustment layers.

Computers: Imac G3 700 mhz, and an Intel 2.4ghz. Most of the work was completed on the G3 laptop.

08 August 2006, 07:25 PM
hey, nice 3 point perspective. Maybe too much burn and contrast in the final version - the second last version was the best in my opinion. Good luck

08 August 2006, 01:04 AM
Thanks Ranath. For future reference I had better check my mattes on multiple monitors. My little G3 has a bright screen so it looks perfect here. I was also going to convert the matte to fit within a broadcast color range, and check it on my tv. Anyone else doing the same?

08 August 2006, 07:45 AM
I have my monitor calibrated to.. dunno what gamma it was. You can find the gamma test image from ballisticpublishing site I think. That solves all your monitor difference problems

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