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01 January 2003, 12:46 PM
Hello Hashers,

I would like information on gaining employment with a company that uses Animation Master.

Does anyone have a list of these companies?

Does anyone work for one and can give insight into gaining employment?

If you work for one of these companies can you give advice as to what to include on a demo reel or printed portfolio?

My preferred company would be someplace that is small but stable. They should be working in "character-driven" animation whether it be for commercials or entertainment. I am not looking to get rich just to "break-in" to 3D animation. I have experience with traditional animation (hand-drawn), flash animation, and 3D (using Animation Master, Bryce, Poser, etc).

I would have no problem relocating for the right position.

For more info on me and my work check my website listed below.

Any help would be appreciated and I am sure of interest to all Animation Master users.

Thank you,:wavey:

01 January 2003, 06:22 PM
A couple years back. . . that would have been music to my ears. But I think a lot of the companies that used Animation Master in their pipeline have moved on.

But don't give up. Get a real strong portfolio in ANY package and I'm sure you will find work. Most companies use freaky tools anyway and aren't looking for someone who knows them already. . . just someone with enough potential to make it worth while training them.

01 January 2003, 06:38 PM

check out those 2 links, they might help you get started:

check out their demo reel section to understand a bit more of what to expect doing.


to find companies all over the world.

Good luck


01 January 2003, 09:25 PM
Let me be clear...

I have been an artist/animator/designer for 17 years. I just came off a 3 year gig with a web development and video company where I was "the art department".

I did animation; all of it. I didn't have the luxury of being the lighting guy or the texture guy or the animating guy. I just had to be the guy.

I guess if I had to choose one I would prefer in order of preference: 1) animator, 2) textures, 3) lighting, 4) modeling, 5) rigging.

I used Animation Master (loved it and still do), Bryce (still use it when I need great backgrounds), Poser (yes Poser makes a great quick animation in a pinch). In the past I have used, demonstrated and trained others in using 3D Studio Max. I hated it.

I used After Effects, Flash and LiveMotion for 2D animation.

I am also more than capable of animating with good ol' paper and pencil.

I have a bunch of stuff I worked on that I need to edit down into a reasonable demo reel. I would like to find a job with a company that is making character animations with Animation Master. If I can't find one I am prepared to go it alone and build my own team and eventually my own company.

I love using Animation Master and would like to use it to make a living. I would prefer working for an established company but I am not afraid to start one if that's what is necessary.

In the past when I have looked for work I have often asked potential employers before showing my portfolio, "What would you like to see?"

It saves them time, and in the long run, me time. They don't have to look at things I have done, they aren't really interested in using me for. The 3D animation industry seems to be extremely protective of knowledge and at times down-right secretive.

I get answers like "put together a killer reel and you are sure to get work." Seldom does someone say, "I put these items on my reel and got a job at Studio XYZ". That I guess would be sharing secrets.

These are the answers I am looking for:

1) If you are an employer who uses Animation Master or would like to: What would you like to see in "my killer reel"?

2) If you are an employee somewhere that uses Animation Master: What did you put on your "killer reel" that got you the job?

3) If you know of a studio who uses Animation Master on a semi-regular basis pass their name along. I am not shy about contacting them and seeing what it takes to join their team.

Perhaps there aren't any companies using Animation Master. Perhaps it is primarily an independent film-maker's software. Let me know your success in that realm as well. It may be one I will be joining you in soon.

Any of this type of info should be useful to any Animation Master user. Finding a place to put your skills to use should be as important as "how do I rig my character?".

-Den Dotson

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