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01 January 2003, 11:29 AM
This thread is for users of The Setup Machine for A:M, the character rigging tool from Anzovin Studio. Raf, Steve, and J.P. will be happy to answer your questions and pass along tips and techniques.

The Setup Machine for A:M v1.2 is now up at

TSM for A:M is now compatible with Animation:Master 2003 (v10).

On that page, you'll also find PC and Mac updaters for owners of earlier versions of TSM for A:M. Use your old serial number to unlock the updater.

If you are not using A:M 2003, you don't need this updater.

Happy rigging!

Anzovin Studio

01 January 2003, 11:36 AM
Heya Steve it's great to see you here :thumbsup:

I've seen your setup machine in action and was quite impressed, even tho I'm not using A:M anymore I can still get my hands on the Maya version :p

Get your son Raf in here also! Or tell him Tito from way back says hi! :)


01 January 2003, 02:18 PM
Hi guys!

(Hey Tito! Long time, bud! Congrats on the "Featured Artist" nod over @ 3DBuzz!)

Is there any way to eliminate the shoulder/arm twisting with the TSM rig without using Smartskin?

I'm working with a game engine that doesn't allow any kind of vertex level animation (i.e. in Max/CS terms, rigid binding only), so smartskin isn't an option. I tried using smartskin, but it was all ignored by the game engine exporter and totally trashed the animations. (Well, in less I wanted to animate a character that did everything with his arms flailing wildly all the time ;) )

I've tried angling the arms down slightly from the normal DaVinci pose vertical orientation, but that only lessens the amount of twist slightly.

Any tips/tricks that can help me out?

01 January 2003, 02:27 PM
Holy crap Randy?!?! how the hell have you been man? I didn't know you still use A:M also, sweet! :D , I'm very interested in seeing this setup machine at work... so I hope this forum fills out with alot of good A:M stuff...

BTW Randy drop me a line at bud. Long time indeed :)

01 January 2003, 03:14 PM
Originally posted by Ran13

Is there any way to eliminate the shoulder/arm twisting with the TSM rig without using Smartskin?

you could try intermediate bones or a fan system
to tell those misbehavin cps where they belong
with some extra bones

01 January 2003, 06:19 PM
OK...thanks NoOne. I figured as much, but my programmer is already on my butt for the bone count ;) Dang coders are always lookin' to the artists to jump thru hoops to conserve resources. What's piddlin' mesh monkey like me to do? :D

I think I'll stick to using TSM for the spine & legs, and do my own setup for the arms. I'm don't normally use IK on the arm hierarchy anyway, but one of those rare instances where it would help came up and I was hoping for a quick fix (aren't we all ;) )

Hey Tito! I'll be contacting you this eve when I get home from work (yea...I'm still doin' the CAD day gig., much to my chagrin :p ).

Oh yea...yea I still use A:M v8.5L. Skipped that whole madness that was v9. I'm still not sure about v10. Looks like just about everyone that knew how to get the most out of A:M on the Animaster list has moved one. This, coupled with the fact that their v9/10 manuals are nothing more than overblown sales brochures doesn't exactly get me motivated to upgrade. And that stoopid subscription policy grates my behind. :p

But, you know me, I'm pretty much the king of 3D on the cheap and I'll use whatever I can afford to get the job done the fastest. I've even figured out ways to get mesh/UV data out of I been doin' some sub-D stuff using the meshtools scripts.

I must say that I like the Sub-D method a lot better than Hash's spline patches. I like the "sculpting" philospy of "define the volume first", then add the details. It's totally the opposite of A:M, which doesn't let you easily add detail to areas of the mesh. V10 looks like it may have a couple new modelling features which will help out a bit here ("stitching" & "maintain curve").

If they actually work, that is. ;)

Egads...I just realized that I've like totally hijakked Steves' thread!

Sorry guys! :)

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