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01 January 2003, 04:51 PM
Due to a new job, or new client I have to buy a laptop.
This machine is going to be used for image preview of the jobs Im doing. But since Im shelling out quite a few $ for it, I thought that why not make it so that I can do some 3d on it, and have an extra gamemachine here.
But image previewing will (or atleast should:) ) be its primary job and I guess any machine will do that pretty decent.

Ive already decided for a Dell Inspiron 8200, which I can get with a GF4 440 or a Radeon 9000.
I know that Radeon is good for gaming and 2d, but can suck at 3D. Im speaking mainly from things Ive read about none mobile Radeons, so thats why this 9000 worries me on the 3d part.

So will the gf4 be better for 3d work? Coz Im sure its pretty decent for the 2d work its meant to be used for and gaming.
Before you jump to the "search at google" lemme say Ive done that, and got some experiences from a friend who has the 8200 with the gf4 card.
But I need the last nail in the coffin before I buy.
So Im open to all your views, it will be one of these for sure, so "u should rather get this and that", is not neccessary.
So if you have not fallen asleep from my essay here and has some good views, Id be delighted to hear them.


01 January 2003, 10:40 AM

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