View Full Version : where's all the Houdini freaks?

01 January 2003, 06:12 AM
i guess you're all over at odforce and 3dbuzz?

my guess would be that most around here who are interested in Houdini are (like myself) very new to it still.

01 January 2003, 07:31 AM
That would be my guess. The most activity I see right now is in the online Houdini class forum at 3dbuzz. That seems to have tapered off a bit though as most are waiting for the next module to come out.

All the professionals seem to be on the mailing list. And you can really tell that it's professional because there's next to no activity on it during the weekends. :)

01 January 2003, 09:27 AM
used houdini since 0.9 but on leave for a bit using XSI needing to animate many characters, looking forward to getting back on ver 6 maybe :)
like the soft forum here while xsi started getting exposed, it will take a little while for this forum to get going

01 January 2003, 03:25 AM
There's some more of us arriving. The main sidefx list absorbs the most traffic though. Look forward to a new Houdini forum with new flavours. Don't wait for V6 - V5.5 has it going on if you do.

02 February 2003, 01:14 PM

Just installed Houdini apprentice. Must say that after scratching my head a bit it did all start to click. Of course, like most of us on here im just testing the water but cant help but be intrigued by the possibilities. haven't even scratched the surface.

Some graphics card issues are spoilng my fun a bit but il live with it for now.

Manuals definetly need an overhaul. Maybe for version 6.0?

Thought the forum might take off a bit more than this though.


02 February 2003, 08:00 PM
Yeah, well most people are elsewhere. The mail list is very active, the Houdini Course at Buzz is very active, and odforce and the SideFX fourms are pretty active. I don't expect to see a whole lot of people migrating here, especially since the student and hobbyist user base is so small. Give it some time and more and more people will start popping up.

Good luck with Houdini. If you stick with it, I'm sure you'll start to like it quite a bit.

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