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07 July 2006, 02:57 AM
Hey All,

I thought it'd be good to open a thread to discuss ways to optimize, and speed up solving pipelines in Motionbuilder. Currently my studio cranks through a boatload of data every year and as the CG Supervisor I'm on the hook for making things go fast. Currently our biggest bottlenecks are as follows:

looong load times when trying to load multiple files for QA.
editing due to remapping issues
editing due to occlusion of postional data.

We've done our share of scripting in Python to make efficiency tools for renaming takes and such, but I'd be interested in learning what others have done to speed up efficiency. For example, has anyone tried using Endorphine's physics engine to simulate collisions in lieu of occluded data?... We had a brief look at this, but the pipeline wasn't there yet (that was in the previous version of Endorphine...).

Anyway, what have you done to make your life easier in Motionbuilder? Let's not just talk about the big breakthroughs... we should also discuss the little, stock efficiency gains as well...

Thanks for the feedback everyone... This should be an interesting thread... Hopefully everyone can learn something!


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07 July 2006, 02:57 AM
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