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01 January 2003, 03:57 PM
Logo competition challenge for commercial car racing sim

awesome game btw. and free betas.


Logo competition

Have YOUR creation in Live for Speed!
We are looking for a new logo and decided to give you a chance at creating it!
-huh? what?
Yes, you have the opportunity to make the official Live for Speed logo. It will be displayed on our site, in the game, on the cd (eventually), in magazines, links on other sites, on our business cards, etc!

Be advised however, that your logo must follow certain guidelines. A qualified logo must be:

only text1, but the text itself may contain textures in any way ('Live for Speed', 'LIVE FOR SPEED' or 'live for speed' or any combination but NOT 'Live For Speed')
printable in any amount of colours - full colour, black and white, 2/3 colours (the lesser colours used the better)
printable on any colour - the logo should look good on black or white surface - the ability to use invert colours will be well appreciated, but is not required
should be rectangular in shape, with around 1:5 height:width ratio
submitted in gif or jpg format, 400 wide, but you must have a very high resolution original stand-by (in your software's native format, including all layers and or objects) in case your logo will be chosen.
easily sizable - vector format is highly recommended
must look good on any surface - ie. on paper, carved into stone
1) small graphical elements are allowed

The logo we are looking for should be something that will look good big or small, on any surface, on any texture, has to be eye-catching, easy to remember and identify amongst other logo's.
We recommend comparing these guidelines with the logo currently on this site. You will see how well it is technically and it might help you understanding the guidelines a bit better (many thanks go out to KiDCoDEa for this logo). Please note that the background this logo is printed on is NOT part of the logo. The logo is only text, but feel free to mould and shape the text in any way you want.

Send your logo(s) in gif or jpg format, 400 pixels wide, to
Your submission will then be placed on our site for all to see. The above guidelines will be applied before actually uploading it to the website to see if your logo matches all the criteria. We now will allow a maximum of 10 entries.

During the first week of february, you can vote for your favorite logo. This will select the 10 nominees for the final round. After some final checks and many sleepless nights, we will announce the winner.

Running time
The competition will close at 20.00 CET on the 1st of february.

test the game and feel free to participate. check forum for competition.

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01 January 2003, 08:33 PM
As the unofficial BOUNCER (6'5" and 230 lbs) I would like to suggest to you to NOT DOUBLE POST.

This post is here and in the Game design forum, and who knows where else..

I'll be nice and not beat you silly, but no more, got it?

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