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07 July 2006, 01:52 AM

Here's a diddy that I just started to work on. It's a simple attack cycle with Wolverine. I wanted to post it online to get some feedback on what I have so far. Any and all C&Cs will be appreciated.


07 July 2006, 07:46 AM
well everything looks very IK-ish and stale, just interpolating between two kinda default poses.
To start this of, add a inbetween in the middle of each pose. ALL your interpolations between poses need this, not only the idle part (where I noticed it first). Even your attack part needs alot of that.
And what I'd like to see added in those inbetween keys is overlapping in the arms to begin with. Hopefully you're not running IK in the arms, or atleast have yourself an ik-switch, I'd like to see the overlapping done with fk for a better and more professional look.
This goes for the origin/root joint aswell (the first joint in the hiarchy, I didn't want to say hip as I tend to seperate my chain using a hip and a root joint, one chain going up the body, the other going down the legs), add a inbetween key in the middle of the two (I'm guessing) keyframes which make up the idle.

Well, giving it another look, I see that there might be 3 keys in there, one inbetween which moves the hips forward in Z i presume, try addning some Y translations in there aswell to make him shift his weight to each leg rather than just floating left and right!

Now then, for the anticipation. I'd like to see that you hold his pose there for maybe 4-5 frames, not make him attack as soon as he reaches his pose. Of course, before he reaches his anticipation pose, once again I feel the lack of inbetweens to liven the character up, he's still just interpolating from idle to getting ready to attack. Use some more of that overlapping on the arms, and when he's holding his pose, put some more of it on there!
As for the pose, its ok. Try putting his weight down some more, and maybe make him look up at his oponent, that howerer is just a sugestion to make the whole animation a bit more fitting to _my_ taste and nothing really wrong with the principles of animation.

As for the attack, once again. Overlapping! As soon as you start this scene up again, give him some overlapping lovin in his right arm when he's doing the attack!
As for the attack itself, its very plain and not very interesting I feel.
Now sure, its a attack cycle you say. I'll still say what I wanted to say about the attack animation as a whole.

I'd like to see him move around as he attacks, and not just stand in one place.
He could do the one upercut which he's doing now, but from that, instead of having him make another (and another!) upercut, have him take a step forward as he jams his left blades into the stomach of the oponent (Magneto!!). Dont forget to pull his weight down on his right leg as he lands on it! I'd like to see him go kinda low, to prepare for his next combo! Maybe have him spin around, and have his left arm extended or something...bleh, Im all out of ideas, hey I just woke up! hehe :)

But still, if you want to keep it a cykle, you could still make him move around in the animation, but in place, just like your everyday walk/run cykles :)

Lucky you, getting to animate Wolverine, I wanted to do that!! :)

07 July 2006, 10:50 PM
Looks like a good start just need some tweaking. I agree the the attack seems pretty plain cause its Right-Left-Right upercut. i would say the usually the point of an upercut is to drive the openant back so it seems kind of pointless to have 3 upercuts because the openant should be flying backwards after the first. maybe do like a quick slash left to right with one hand then wind up for the huge upercut. cause that way its not symetrical plus it changes up the timing of the whole thing to like "one-two-THREE" and your really gonna feel that hit.

also i agree with the FK arms idea. although i thing the starting pose she be hunched claws to the ground, just seems like a more dynamic "Wolvireney" pose, it seems wierd to have his claws up like that, plus it blocks the face.

Where did you get the Model, if its for 3Ds Max I would love to take a look at it.

07 July 2006, 09:10 PM
Thanks guys!

Those crits helped me out......I went in and played with a few of the curves. I agree with both of you about changing up the attack with some variations, but this first cycle needed to just be three consecutive uppercuts.....more will come soon :)

Anyway here is the second pass

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07 July 2006, 09:10 PM
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