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07 July 2006, 09:14 PM
Rock on! Good luck to everybody!

I'm pretty much a beginner with mattes but I MUST enter this one...It is so awesome theme!

I Had A Vision...

...and my vision was this vast ocean floor with a BIG twist ;) (that ocean floor used to be millenias ago some sort of overwater plain with the river flowing thru it)

not sure yet if it's a futuristic or what. propably there are buildings :D

Will be posting concept image (hopefully) before weekend :)

Cheerz! - Arto

Recent update:

07 July 2006, 09:17 PM
hey hey ! good luck and looking foreward to your sketches

07 July 2006, 09:17 PM
ahhhh double post.

07 July 2006, 09:40 PM
Ok. Here is the written synopsis of my matte. It's quite long so I don't blame if no-one reads it :D

Plains of Atlantis synopsis:

Place: Lesser Antilles - Caribbean sea

What happened? Subduction of Caribbean plate destroyed Atlantis hundreds of thousands years ago.

Area special characteristics: Atlantis was naturefriendly culture with monumental achievements with architecture and science. 17th century gave its distinguishing characteristics to this area as many Pirate and French ships fought battles over this region. Now the Atlantis seafloor is dotted with occasional shipwreck of various battles. The area has been in some sort of stasis since the apocalyptic events that destroyed Atlantis so everything is eerily preserved from recent shipwrecks to Atlantis itself. Only the damage that the great earthquake and the subduction caused is visible.

Atlantis sunk below the sea level in short period of the citizens no time to escape.

Why no-one has discovered Atlantis? It's been sucked under the Caribbean plate hundreds of thousands years ago and only the outskirts of Atlantis are still there. The continents have since separated and all the traces from the civilization have drifted in different parts of earth. Some are on the coastal lines of Africa and Europe. Western side has slid under the Caribbean plate.

Atlantis was literally swallowed by Earth.

Inhabitants: No-one really knows what people of Atlantis looked like but their statues and architecture offer some hints of their lifestyle and appearance. Mostly they are humanoid race, but development from highly intelligent non-ape animals has given them a distinguishing looks. They have birdlike face but they walk with two legs and have arms. On their backs they have athrophic wings that no longer can carry them. That is all that is known of them.

Setting: It's year 2245. Earth has been evacuated. Millions of people live in colonies of Moon and Mars. Strange airborne virus killed Billions of people in a event that became later known as "Catastrophy of the broken oath" (I have more backs story written but it's not necessary here). The origin of the virus has been traced to the Caribbean Sea in Lesser Antilles. Colony of Moon sent a 10 person team to explore the area in hope for the antidote. Specially constructed motor ship "Caribbean Question" starts searching the area of Lesser Antilles. It soon discovers the exact source of the virus and starts the descent towards the ocean floor...

My matte painting (Plains of the Atlantis) is the first view from the ship when their powerful search lights lid the seafloor.


That's it... now I start putting the composition and ideas into frame. Buzy day to(day)morrow!

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07 July 2006, 09:40 PM
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