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01 January 2003, 05:26 AM
OK, so this is the most recent problem that my computer has aquired. Every once in a while, seemingly at random, my computer will go into "strobe mode" where it locks up for just a fraction of a second every second or so. It's extremely annoying, since the mouse and keyboard and everything "skips," so to speak.
When I open up the task manager while this is happening, the "Performance" tab shows the CPU running at 20%. However, under Processes it doesn't show anything using up the processor like that.
I finished with Formatting and reinstalling Windows (XP Pro) so everything should be pretty clean, but I just discovered that the problem hasn't gone away.
Basically I just want to know if this sounds like a hardware issue or what. It's an Athlon processor on an Asus MoBo. Any thoughts?

01 January 2003, 05:31 AM
well.. the pair seems fine (asus, AMD)... but it does sound like a driver/hardware issue... make sure you install all of the latest windows patches... and system patches... that includes service packs =\

and just for good measure, don't trust windows to find the most compatable drivers for you, go to the manufacturers web site and download them....

that is all i can think of =\

but i run into a similar problem, when i click on a link in my web browser, my mouse will freeze for just a split second every time a picture loads...

this can get very annoying with picture filled web pages, and sometimes it is worse than other times, but it doesn't happen, or at least i can't tell if it is happening, then i have just a single monitor running windows, perhaps its a dual monitor setup...

perhaps the solution to your problem will be a common fix, for the both of us =)

01 January 2003, 06:28 AM
if you have installed an old version of microsoft office, check to make sure it hasn't added the "microsoft office" utility to your startmenu.

also, turn off indexing for your searches. you can find this in your "search for files and folders" advanced options.

kill both of these and reboot.

both of these scan your hard disk while windows considers your system in a "low use state". the idea is when you need to search for stuff later on, the indexed information is much faster to access. it does work, but at the expense of the stuttering you see.

01 January 2003, 06:47 AM
MaDSheeP: what is your internet conenction using? internal dial-up modems use a lot of CPU power, and can cause awful "skipping" in periods of heavy traffic.

of course if you're on broadband that throws my theory out of the window. :)

01 January 2003, 08:33 AM
Hmm, well, indexing wasn't enabled, and I never had office installed.

01 January 2003, 01:41 PM
i am using broadband =]

768K Capped

01 January 2003, 02:06 PM
It might not be the processor, but the motherboard's bus. Try disabling some of your hardware and go through the bios and disable any peripherals you don't use (including the serial ports, parallel port, etc)

And this can also happen if a bunch of frequently used devices are sharing addresses. Go through the device manager and see what devices share resources.

Hope this helps!

01 January 2003, 04:29 PM

Can you give us some more detailed information about the system? Usually intermittent freezes is SCSI or IDE issues. Check your event viewer (Start-settings-ctrl panel-admin tools-event viewer). Check all three logs. If you see alot of ...

IDE Controller ERROR

It means something is wrong with your disk subsystem. If you see alot of ethernet errors, then its something wrong with the network. If you see a whole lot of nothing wrong...then its a program running which case the easiest solution is to ctrl-alt-del and kill as many processes as you possibly can, until the pausing stops. If that fixes the problem, then go back piece meal and see which app you killed solved the issue...then use an app like regcleaner to prevent it from loading upon startup.

01 January 2003, 08:54 PM
Hmm, I see a lot of errors regarding my CD-ROM drive. Could this be the issue? I never considered my cd drive to have that much power over the rest of my system, but if that is the case, at least it is an easy (and cheap) fix.

01 January 2003, 09:07 PM
Gilgamesh. Disconnect your cdrom from the IDE cable and from the power cable. Continue using your system. If the error goes away, va la, you've found your problem.

Could be a damaged drive, or a loose cable, or a damaged cable. So if you find this to be the case, might be a good idea to get an extra cable before replacing the entire drive, just to make sure.
(Can also be IDE drivers)

01 January 2003, 11:51 PM
IDE (and ATA) is a bitch in the way it polls the I/O resources of your system. A dead IDE drive (disk, cd-rom or whatever) will put a whole system on hold if it doesn't repond correctly.

01 January 2003, 12:00 AM
Cool, finally a good excuse to get a DVD Burner.

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