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01 January 2003, 03:48 AM
Ok, I'm gonna do my best to enter this one. I've got my characters made and rigged and my scenery and lights setup and have started posing. Heres my idea.

Guy walks into a dark cave with only a match to guide him, he locates a torch and lights it. When the cave lights up he sees a huge cave troll standing there taking time out to smell the flowers (literally). The cave troll then sees him and realises that is the guy escapes the reputation on the cave trolls is ruined. While the guy is standing there stunned at the sight of the troll (and what he is doing), the troll kills the guy with a mighty blow from his hammer.

Well what do you think. I'll try to post pictures of the characters soon. Oh, the troll only has one big cyclops eye, sorry, it was a rig I set up just bofore the contest began, shouldn't make a difference though.

01 January 2003, 03:48 AM
Ok, here is the pre-production cast photo and a picture of the set. The characters look roughly the same size so I may have to use some funky LOTR camera angles (or I could just rescale:) ). The set looks a little doring but it sill be mostly taken up with the troll.

Cast Photo


I'm not to happy with the camera angle because for almost the whole animation you will only be able to see the back of the main character, so unless anyone has any ideas it will have to do. Hopefully I can post an animatic soon. C&C welcome

01 January 2003, 02:31 AM
Great idea. Nice characters :)

My personal crit would be that the match thing is not necassary, distracts from the main story and costs a lot of time.
Maybe you can let him enter with the torch and rotate around which lit up diferrent areas of the cave. Then by realising there is something he holds the torch higher and sees the troll smelling the flower.
Just a suggestion.

But a nice start anyway. Look forward to it :wip:


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