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06 June 2006, 12:24 AM
Hello everybody,

I'm new to this whole showreel stuff, so any advice you guys have would be ace. What should I keep? What should I ditch? and what should I do to make the keepable bits better?

Thanks!! :)


06 June 2006, 04:33 AM
- Take your email address off, it should be at the front and end. You don't need something distracting them from the work.
- Have a page at the end telling what you did.
- If this an animation reel you don't need a rotation on the giraffe. If this is a rigging reel show the controls and the range the rig has.
- The animation on the army men has alot of pops in the joints, I see some stepped keys that also need to go.
- The two soilders stop dead when they come to attention and alot of the motions have no weight.
- The hands do alot of breaking through and the fingers don't seem to move. You need to move all the controls when going through any kind of full body motion.
- I have no idea what the two of them are doing behind his back, one points to his head and the other wants him to stop I think.
- The torsos have zero up and down when walking, I suggest you do a walk cycle and really analyze it and make it as good as possible. You need to know that during any kind of physical movement the entire body shifts and compensates for weight and balance.

- The little spider robot is a cool little rig. Watch the main body, it is completely fixed in position while walking. You need up and down and weight. There is no sway and even if it is a robot it would still need to balance itself.
- The heart looks good and your paintings are great, forget the zoom out on the paintings, just cut to them. Fade in and out or whatever just get to it.
- The naked pixie with the manly face at the end is creepy. If you want to show off a good walk cycle do one with one of the army men. I think naked characters should only be seen if you are showing off realistic modeling, even then some clothes would make it less awkward.
- I liked that giraffe, and when you put him in the toilet bowl I was getting ready for a funny little sound byte but alas nothing. Don't freeze him solid and then do that cut and paste transition because it takes away from the illusion that he is really in the toilet.

I would put one of your lovely paintings at the front with your info on it, the rest put at the end before the info. Move the army guys closer to the end and get rid of the pixie. If you modeled and rigged the pixie possibly show off the rig and controls.

You need to go back to basics though for your animation, before trying a lip sync read "the animators survival guide" do some ball bouce animations and watch other peoples reels and projects to pick up and what you are missing.

You have a wide range of skills, keep it up. :)

06 June 2006, 09:10 PM
Thank you so much for your time, i wasn't expecting such a detailed reply, i really appreciate it!

I'm thinking I might try something new with the soldiers, start fresh and see if it turns out better the second time around with your advice.

The spider robot and the pixie are both FK walk cycles so there aren't any rig controls to show off, (he/she is very creepy, i hate NURBS, so i think the pixie will be absent from the next reel).

I have been planning for the giraffe to do a little number in the toilet bowl, but i just haven't got around to it yet, it'll be top of my to do list.

You've given me alot to be getting on with, i'll post again when i've hopefully fixed those glitches.

Thanks again!!! :thumbsup:


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06 June 2006, 09:10 PM
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