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01 January 2003, 09:07 PM
is there something like layer mode ( i mean like in photoshop:
normal , dissolve , multiply , and ... ),
in flash MX. so we can overlap symbol's colors on each other?

01 January 2003, 09:50 PM
not really, closest thing you have is brightness, tint, and alpha (which you can apply to any symbol down on your properties palette). anything else is prob best done using imported images (PNGs) and playing with fading/masking/etc.


Ian Jones
01 January 2003, 04:03 AM
Armin, unfortunately no. The complexities of rendering that sort of layer blending would require everyone to have a really fast computer with a 128mb vid card.

As Fig said, using a transparent *png is the best you'll get so far. I would imagine that in the future Flash will have these options. however only when 95% of the population have reliably super speedy computers.

If you are looking for animation software, try adobe after fx. It has the same layer bledning modes as photoshop, which is just awesome when you consider the possibilites of animating them.

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