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Jack Pfeiffer
01 January 2003, 01:05 PM

The FIRST Third Party Combustion Training book on the Market:

" Combustion v2: The On-Line Web Warrior Guide "
By Jack Pfeiffer, Published by MCI Videotronic, Denmark
ISBN Number: 87-989284-0-6, 155 pages softback, in English.
Sales Price: Euro 40,00 plus taxes and freight. Published December 2002

Overview of "Combustion v2: The On-line WebWarriors Guide:"
• Three custom-written tutorials, complete with source material.
• The Combustion Hardware Primer: How to build the best system.
• Summary and index of all available additional free tutorials
• Summary of most common FAQs, organized by type.
• Combustion by Function sections, with Special Tips and Tricks
• Special Information on 3ds max RLA/RPF file use with combustion
• Special Section on combustion/discreet edit integration
• 10 page Quick Start Guide for Discreet Cleaner users
• Includes demo plug-in software: Ultimatte, Re:Vision, Trapcode, EyeCandy, etc.
• Includes one year subscription of additional Updates and Tips.


contact: or

We provide Two Ways to Purchase individual books.
Note that we also offer special large quantity rates to Schools and Resellers.
For those programs, please contact for quotations.

For individual book purchases, the purchase price is Euros 40,00 plus postage, depending on your shipping address:
One book shipped to the USA, Canada & the REST of the world, postage is Euro 13.00, for a total of Euros 53,00
One book shipped to Europe, postage is Euro 8.00, for a total of Euros 48,00

You can choose either of two payment methods:

1) Wire Transfer: Have your bank wire the total amount in EUROs to our bank account. Please contact us for bank info, and then send confirmation to us via eMail at and be sure to include your full shipping address and e-Mail adress to be used for the One-Year of updates. Your book will be mailed after payment is received.

2) Pay-Pal: Pay-Pal is a very easy third party payment service for both USA and International customers.You first create your own personal account at Pay-Pal, and then issue and authorize a payment to us. To sign up for Pay-Pal from the USA/Canada, click here: - The "Order e-Mail Address" you enter at Pay-Pay is: Specify payment in Euros, for the amount as indicated above. ----
If you reside outside the USA, sign up for Pay-Pal International here: International Pay-Pal is available for all of the following countries: Anguilla, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United States and the United Kingdom. Note: If you reside in another country, then you should use the wire transfer payment. You can then send a confirmation e-Mail to upon transmission and include your full shipping address and e-Mail adress to be used for the One-Year of updates. Your book will be mailed after payment is processed.

BOOK REVIEWS: Here are three early book reviews just received for some Combustion users/trainers...........

"Jack Pfeiffer’s new book, “Combustion: The On-Line Web-Warriors Guide” is filled with information not only on how to use and learn Discreet Combustion but also helpful information about the industry itself, from definitions of file formats to different codecs available and compatible with combustion on either the windows or Mac platform. He also includes information on the integration with other programs such as 3ds max, edit and cleaner. He includes hundreds links to the websites the reader can use to further their knowledge of this program. This book is very properly named; it is the ultimate directory of information available within one location, it is an On-Line Web-Warriors Guide for the Combustion user."
---Signed: Kenneth LaRue - The Street Productions, Inc, Chicago, Ill USA

"Jack is a master of finding the essence of his subject and being able to translate insight into clear instructions. Technical books are inclined to intimidate me to the point of a brain freeze... but this book seems to simplify using Combustion without dumbing itself down. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to elevate their understanding of Combustion's toolset. "
---Signed: Mark Palmos, Combustion User, London England,

"Combustion v2: The On-Line WebWarriors Guide - by Jack Pfeiffer is a must have for anyone who is using or learning combustion. Not only does it cover the "hows" but, more importantly, it covers the "whys" of things like blurs, operator order, colour correction, particles, and the many other features of this deep program. In addition to the illuminating text, the book is packed with web links to tips, tricks, tutorials and libraries which greatly expand the volume of information beyond what you would expect. Even though I have been using combustion since the first alpha release of combustion 1, I learned lots of new (and better) ways of doing even the most basic operations. I would highly recommend this as the most comprehensive combustion 2 learning aid there is.”
---Signed, Marisu Fronc, Editor, Maryland. Co-host-edit forum

01 January 2003, 01:17 AM
What types of tutorials and such are there in this book/cd rom package? Is there a layout we can view?


Jack Pfeiffer
01 January 2003, 12:46 PM

No, there is no layout or sample lesson that I care to show...
And if I gave you a lesson, why would anyone buy my book?

I can tell you that the three Tutorials I have created include complete overviews of the graphics user interface, tips, hints amd tricks and cover:

Lesson 1: A beginner lesson for Combustion v2 with a walkthrough of the software in which you both learning and create. In this lesson you will import four still images and position them in 2D space.

Lesson 2: : In this lesson, you will build a 3D scene with two 2D layers. You will hinge and link the two layers, and then change their Z-depth position. Next, you will import a graphic layer with alpha channel, and then place it in front (forward Z-depth) of the two, hinged layers. Then, you will create a new spotlight that will be positioned to fly from left to right, and cast a shadow of the graphic against the hinged background layers.

Lesson 3: In this lesson, you will build a 3D scene and include a 3D Max .RLA file called Temple.RLA (proivided.) With that scene, you will set Combustion to read the Z-Buffer Depth of that file, and then add a 3D lens flare that reacts with that 3D info. On top of this, you will create some text, and then apply animation to it.

furthermore, in my book, I give full reference to the other 13 lessons (that you already get free from Discreet,) as well you get links to about thirty MORE web-based tutorials... Some from Discreet, some from third parties, etc.

So, in all, with my book, there are LOT of Tutorials, but MORE IMPORTANT to any user, are the included tips and tricks, particles help, etc. etc....

If you are the kind of person that ONLY LEARNS from Tutorials, then I really suggest that you buy the Official Discreet CourseWare for $75,00 from your local dealer... With that book, you will get 37 Lessons with CD-ROM----

Discreet Courseware - combustion v2 - : Table of Contents:
--Part 1 - Using Paint = 1- Learning Paint Basics ; 2 - Animation Text ; 3 - Exploring Draw Modes in Text ; 4 - Revealing a Background Image ; 5 - Wire Removal ; 6 - Creating Text Gradients ; 7 - Animating Gradients ; 8 - Combining Selections ; 9 - Animating Selections ; Part 2 - Fundamentals : 10 - Touring Combustion ; 11 - Creating Simple Composites ; 12 - Using Operators in a Composite ; Part 3 - Transforming Layers : 13 -Animating Layers Using Pivot Points ; 14 Keyframing ; Part 4 - Linking and Controlling Layers ; 15 -Cropping and Corner-Pinning ; 16 - Linking Layers Through Parenting ; 17 - Aligning Objects to a Motion Path ; 18 -Linking Layers with Hinging ; Part 5 - Changing Layer Surface Properties ; 19 - Setting Surface Properties ; 20 - Exploring Transfer Modes ; 21 - Displacing a Layer ; Part 6 - Using Channels, Mattes and Masks ; 22 - Using Alpha Channels ; 23 - Creating Channel Effects ; 24 - Using Masks ; Part 7 - Using Null Objects, Lights, and the Camera ; 25 - Animating with a Null Object ; 26 - Moving the Camera ; 27 - Creating Shadows with Lights ; Part 8 - Tracking and Stabilizing : 28 - One-Point Tracking ; 29 - Four-Point Tracking ; 30 - Two-Point Stabilizing ; Part 9 - Keying and Color Correcting : 31 - Using the Discreet Color Corrector ; 32 - Using the Discreet Keyer ; Part 10 Nesting Composites : 33 - Basic Nesting ; 34 - Creating a Motion Blur ; 35 - Importing Workspaces ; Part 11 - Additional Lessons: 36 - Working with Rich Pixel Renderings ; 37 - Creating Particles Effects

I hope that answers your questions....

the author.

01 January 2003, 05:09 PM
Thanks alot guy!


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