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06 June 2006, 10:37 PM
First of all, im not a programmer, just wanted to mess around with some graphics programming, i ran into GLFW library during my resource( I follow the compile instuction and this is the error i get(BTW im running Dev-C++ with mingw32 as the compiler):

Here are the instructions:

2.1 Note for Microsoft Visual C++ users

When MSVC is installed, you are asked if it should be possible to access the compiler from the command line. For some strange reason, the default answer to this question is NO. If you answered no to this question you will have to run a file named VCVARS32.BAT, which is located in the bin directory of your Visual C++ folder, before you can use the compiler from the command line.

Note that VCVARS32.BAT must be run from the same shell as you intend to use for compiling GLFW (simply clicking on the file from the explorer will not work).

After that is done, it is possible to compile GLFW by entering the GLFW root directory and issuing nmake win32-msvc.

For instance, if MSVC is installed in the directory 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Developer Studio\VC98', then you should be able to compile GLFW with this procedure:

Start a command prompt (MS-DOS prompt)
"CD" to the directory where you unzipped the GLFW source distribution (where this readme file is located)
Type "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Developer Studio\VC98\BIN\VCVARS32" (with quotation marks)
Type nmake win32-msvc

2.2 Note for MinGW/DevC++ users

Do not use the MSYS shell for compiling GLFW, because the supplied batch file "compile.bat" will only work under a Windows command prompt (or MS-DOS prompt).

Under Windows 98, the MinGW make program may set the $(MAKE) variable incorrectly. To remedy this, uncomment the line at the beginning of the top level Makefile that says MAKE = make (possibly replacing make with some other name, e.g. mingw32-make).

im probably doing something stupid since im not a programmer.,.

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