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01 January 2003, 07:26 AM
Gulp ok, I've decided to enter this time. Hopefully I'll actually finish and end up with something good. Here's my idea:

The character, fleeing from enemies in a cave/tunnel could find what appears to be the ‘One Ring’ and begins examining it in awe. Then he hears the sound of the baddies coming so he clutches it behind his back. The baddies surround him and with no escape he puts the ring on and.......they vanish! Thinking the ring has killed them, the character does a little victory dance (or something). He turns to walk off, then suddenly gets grabbed around the throat by an invisible force. Choking, he takes off the ring and the baddies reappear, he sees that they have drawn their swords and the leader is the one choking him.

What do you think? Any ideas?

01 January 2003, 07:46 AM
Thats a wonderful idea!

Cant wait to see your WIP's


01 January 2003, 08:35 AM
thats what I had originally thought of, but with time I figured mine would walk off an edge, easier that way, will definitely keep an eye on this one love the idea. mine was inspired by the scene from monsters inc fighting randal.

01 January 2003, 10:31 PM
That's a nice one Jozvex, but will be tough to get it in 15 secs


01 January 2003, 10:34 PM
Originally posted by Milho
That's a nice one Jozvex, but will be tough to get it in 15 secs


quite tough to squeeze that in 15sec. I suggest getting a stopwatch and having ou and your friends/family/homeless person time it as you all act it sounds like a good minute to a minute and a half to me...

cheers :beer:

01 January 2003, 10:36 PM
I might avoid the homeless person, cops might jumphim if they seem him strangling you, I'm sure many family members of friends would jump at the chance though ;)

01 January 2003, 02:01 AM

Yeah it does seem long for only 15 seconds, but I'll see what I can do, I may leave out the getting chased at the start or something.

01 January 2003, 05:05 AM
I would definately keep the choking bit, sounds very cool.
Still a fair amount of work, with two characters to animate and interact though.
Good luck. Looking forward to tests :beer:

01 January 2003, 09:34 AM
Right, I've got a previz type avi here now for people to see.

You guys will have to try and put up with my craziness during the course of this challenge, because I've never really done this before. Obviously I've animated before, but I've never had to go through all the 'production' stages by myself.

So in this avi, I was just trying to see whether all the story elements would fit into 15 seconds. I've redone it like 5 times, taking bit's out here and there until I ended up with this one.

The purple 'guy' is the hero character, and the red ones are the baddies (perhaps orcs).

Please tell me if you think this'll work!!!

Oh and my name is Jared, I'm 20 and I'm using Maya 4.5!

Here's the link:

Just go to the link, then click on 'jozvex_previz.avi'

I tried to upload it straight to CGTalk but it says it has the wrong extension?

01 January 2003, 03:41 AM
Cmon man, where's the rest:D

01 January 2003, 06:24 AM
Good grief, is this an update I'm posting??? Why yes it is.

Not much to post, but here's my main character modelled. What do you think? Is it too simple? Does it need a face? Are there enough segments for good animation?

I've left the poor thing 'face-less' because I really don't trust my modelling skills to do a good job of one. If I could find a good head on the net somewhere, I might use that for lipsyncing, but modelling all those blendshapes is not my idea of fun.

01 January 2003, 01:29 AM
Ok, so now I'm done rigging. This is by far the best rig I've ever made (not that I've made that many).

In case people want to know, he's got:

Spline IK for the spine
Set Driven Key spine twisting
FK for the Head and Neck

IK for the arm positioning (I thought about FK/IK switching, but I don't think I'll need it).
FK for the hand rotation
Set Driven Key finger controls (ie, clench fist, finger spread, each finger clench etc)
FK for the thumbs

IK legs
Lots of Set Driven Key foot controls ie, 4 part Foot Roll (heel, flat, ball, toes), Foot Lean, Foot Flex, Pivot on Toes (like squashing a bug into the ground), etc
FK toes

And I think that's about it, lots of ideas taken from Jason Schleifer, Goosh and Bentllama etc

01 January 2003, 02:12 AM
nice rig.
I know u have probably already decided but u should reconsider using a FK setup for the arms.
I used to use IK only and FK is so much easier for creating fluid expressive movement.
Do u use gimbal rotation mode?

01 January 2003, 03:18 AM
Thanks srv,

I've never even tried the Gimbal rotation mode!!! Hehe I had to look it up in the help file to see what it did! Sounds very useful.

FK you say.......hmmm. I know lots of people use it, I'm just not sure. I'll certainly think about it.

I don't really have enough character animation experience to decide these things yet.

Heck I don't even know what changing rotation orders does!!

Here's a link: (click the link, then click on 'test.avi') a little animation that I was testing the rig with, it seems like it should work, though now that I think about it the polevectors on the elbows are quite annoying.

Oh and the fingers aren't really animated in that test.

01 January 2003, 11:02 PM
Right, so now I've done a first blocking pass of the animation with the final character.

Click Here ( then click on 'PrevizElf.avi' (only 68k)

Any thoughts?

Oh, and the baddies aren't in there yet, which brings me to my question. Is there a way (in Maya 4.5) that I can just duplicate my elf character and rig (it's all well named, grouped etc), then modify the geometry to use as the baddies?


Stephen Vyas
01 January 2003, 09:56 AM
I like the story, hope things go well :)

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