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03 March 2002, 12:36 AM
Hey guys

I mod(el) for a game
The makers made their models in MAX.
I work in Lightwave.
And I have a problem :)
I have tried several things to get it fixed.

1. Export via 3DS: Works fine for the model itself, althou they can't seem to weld points automaticly (????don't ask, I don't understand either.)
But the big problem is that my UVmaps are lost in the convertion.
Is it possible that MAX really can't read UVmaps in a 3DS file????
( Or does it depend on the version of MAX? My best geuss)
Is there another way to get those UVmaps in MAX?

2. Export via a plugin. The plugin is called LWO2MAX. In demomode. All they get is a green aircraft (??? green??? ) but no UVmaps.
Is there another way to get a file from LW to MAX?

All help is welcome :)

03 March 2002, 10:17 PM
3d explorer will let you read a LW6 file and save out as an OBJ file that max can read (if you have the obj tools for max). assigning the materials in 3d explorer to your object enables you to see the UV maps in max.

You could also try polytrans

I model in LW as well, but i UV map in max so using the LWO import is not a problem for me.

also when your going from MAX to LW the 3ds file MAX saves with UV data is not seen by LW (you have to pipe it thru 3d explorer and save as a LW 6 file).


03 March 2002, 10:40 PM
Hey CADster

Thx for the tip
It does work for the UV map
But all the seperate objects out of which the object is build are lost.
But if I let the 3d explorer do the conversion I get all the objects!
Althou some of the names are lost, but that is less important.
Now lets hope they can read OBJ's :)

And so ends part 17548 in the neverending saga ' I wish they had Lightwave ;) '

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