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01 January 2003, 10:30 PM
First off I hope you all are having a great New Year so far, the mods, leonard and myself has been proven to be busy already :).

Second we're very sorry for the delay, but we've been trying to clear the table with articles such as the ChubbChubbs and other projects on the go. Ok with that said let's get to what you've all been waiting for.

Welcome to our 11th WIP challenge...

This month's Challenge is entitled "Races of Middle Earth"

- Races of Middle Earth -
Based on the huge success and popularity of "The Two Towers", we had a unanimous decision of a L.o.T.R theme. This month you are required to introduce a new race of creatures to Middle Earth. You are also required to give them a background, a reason to be inhabitants to middle earth, so a short description will be needed.

Races that are excluded- Basically you want to not use a dominant race from Middle Earth, be orignal

- Orcs
- Balrogs <<<<<<<<<< New as of Jan 11th
- Spirits <<<<<<<<<< New as of Jan 11th
- Minotaur <<<<<<<<<< New as of Jan 11th
- Ents
- Urak Hai
- Goblins
- Oliphants
- Wargs
- Elves
- Humans
- Trolls
- Ogres
- Hobbits, this includes Gollum
- Dragons
- Ring Wraiths
- Dwarves

Here's what stated as the final rules for the Races of Middle Earth Challenge

The final rules for the 11th challenge are:

1) Cannot be an existing creature of middle earth [see list above]
2) Cannot be an existing Tolkein character
3) Races can be based on the list above, but heavy influences will be ignored.
4) It's imperitive to provide a background story and sketch/concept drawing.
5) textures are allowed for final voting. Since you have an extended date this month, use it wisely ;)
6) Bumpmaps are allowed throughout the challenge and for final voting

The Challenge starts Jan 10th, 2003 and will run until Feb 28th, 2003 Midnight GMT Please visit this link to obtain GMT information [towards the bottom]

additional notes:

- Please provide some form of concept art, a doodle is fine.
- Render from a few different point of views so we can see details. Remember that this is a WIP challenge, so it is a requirement to show the steps you used, and help out as much as you can, of course you're not obligated to, but it will help those that need it greatly.

There are however some restrictions to prevent unnecessary issues:

Images with a direct outside linking should NOT exceed the size of either 800x600 or 600x800 in the forum itself. . . If you wish to show a larger formatted picture, do so using the new site. . .this is to help those people with small monitors and slow connections.
Important, Please DO NOT use any models prior to the challenge start date, please start from scratch. If it's evident you used an old model, you will be told to remove and start over.


When you begin a new thread please use the following syntax

Races of Middle Earth - character/Object/Environment - [your name]

so for example

Races of Middle Earth - character - lildragon

And that's it,

Now on with the show :)

01 January 2003, 10:42 PM
Challenge issues resolved here