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01-09-2003, 10:13 PM
Vendetta Studios (VS) is a diverse and unique development team, even in the Gaming community. Our members come from previous projects in UT StrikeForce, Quake3, CounterStrike, and just about everywhere in between. Some of our team members make a living at what they do for our team, others are computer professionals, and still others are students working their way through school.

Our diverse talents, beliefs, motivations, and experiences come together in our love for gaming and mod work -- we do this because we love it, and while getting paid for it someday would be great, we'll keep doing this for a long time, just for love of the games.

We are looking for talented individuals to fill out the team, we are currently working on a couple different projects that are detailed below, interested parties email slick@vendettastudios.com

Vendetta Lanes Bowling
We are working on a couple of different projects, one is tentatively being called "Vendetta Lanes Bowling"
Yes, bowling... the shining lanes, wax-redolent frigid air, the overhead blue-white lights, the scary guy at the shoe counter, and those ten-ton scuffed, scratched, scary ancient bowling balls ... and your crazy friends. Some people go bowling to "practice"; and learn to bowl better (and for them, we have "reality mode". In the reality mode, you bowl seriously, play to win, and learn some extremely fine aiming control both in lead-in and release. The reality mode gives you a classic alley setting, with bright lights, real scoring, and some serious competition for all you die-"I-gotta-win" types!

In the Comedy mode for players who "just wanna have fun", Vendetta Studios serves up a cast of true characters -- The Velvet Elvis, a Japanese tourist (cameras included), Funkadelic Brotha, and more. Want to try different styles? Choose from Moonlight bowling, Disco Bowling, Monte Carlo Bowling and more! We're working on characters, animations, and crazy mutations for the comedy mode.

Project X

Much like Shadow Run, ProjectX will be a paramilitary, futuristic First Person Shooter set in the very near future. Corporations rule the cities, the Government tries to maintain control, the various underworlds have joined forces, and "ordinary citizens" have little choice but to fight back. Built as a Modification for the UT2K3 engine, it will offer all aspects found in such genres, that includes classes, missions, bounties, cybernetic enhancements and of course, a character experience structure to go along with the game's various progression systems.

ProjectX will redefine how players interact with one another in the game environment, and will set new standards on how players view teams and teamwork and achieve their various goals- a long-overdue change made possible through the versatility of the UT2K3 Karma engine. The game will be structured around large-scale maps that will contain numerous missions, goals and interaction opportunities within a set environment. Each player will be master of his or her own destiny, free to build alliances with others, or to fly solo. In this world, the line between good and evil exists as a dark, fog-shrouded labyrinth of illusions and possibilities that our players will know as reality.

ProjectX will offer players a completely unique experience -- it will exist as a meld of genres, containing some RPG, some FPS, and some completely unique gameplay elements. Players will be called upon to complete objectives, manage resources, learn to build solid teams and develop a keen instinct for the unfamiliar in order to successfully compete in the ProjectX World.

positions available:

Graphic Designers / Concept Artists
Project Concept Artists should have prior experience in concept art and/or graphic design, with game modification or game art experience preferred. Prior mod team experience will be helpful in terms of taking direction and requesting clarification on work assignments, but is not necessary -- commercial illustration or art experience will also serve. Successful team members will be self-motivated, communicative, and results-oriented, able to devote an agreed-upon amount of time to the team on a weekly basis, and responsible for attending weekly team meetings in IRC in addition to any scheduled art group meetings. Concept Artist will have the freedom to create fitting characters freely for bowling as well as have major input in character designin both projects

Animator (Lead and Project)
Lead Animator should have at least 1 year experience in player and item model animation -- UnrealEd, MilkShape, and/or 3DStudioMax or other common CGI animation application experience preferred, should have prior model design experience in addition to animation experience. Lead Animator will be able to manage others effectively within the context a geographically-dispersed team, while working with other division leads (especially lead Modeler and Mapper), and will assign project animators to work with specific modelers based on project need and deadlines. Lead Animator should also be able to make minor repairs to project animators' work, and will occasionally mentor / assist project animators and modelers in skill development as necessary to ensure effective completion of project assignments.

Project animator should have 6 months experience in modeling/animation, prior game modification experience helpful, Unreal Tournament or UT mod experience preferred. No management experience needed, but prior mod team experience helpful in terms of taking direction and requesting clarification on work assignments.
For either Animation position, successful team members will be self-motivated, communicative, and results-oriented, able to devote an agreed-upon amount of time to the team on a weekly basis, and responsible for attending weekly team meetings in IRC in addition to any scheduled model/animation group meetings.

interested individuals email slick@vendettastudios.com

feel free to check out the website www.vendettastudios.com, or join us on irc @ enterthegames #vendettastudios

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