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05 May 2006, 12:44 PM
Hi people.
I modelled a skate park a while ago in lightwave and made a quick animation of it.
download_animation_link ( - 1.5MB

Now i've been using max for a while - I've made a skateboard

The next part is to convert the skate park to an obj or import it into max.

Then - I will definitely need some help with the next part - i want to make a simple character even just out of a bunch of boxes (like i saw in this blowtorch animation here (

If anyone has any crits or any advice they can offer I'd be greatful - thanku.

06 June 2006, 03:41 AM
I just posted this in another thread but i figure i'll post it here too: (i hope thats ok.)

Hey guys. This is hopefully a fairly simple one for you pros. I think the picture explain it best:

I have what I thought was a pretty smart little rig for my skateboard...but then i realised the board banks when i move the IK goal. (the smaller orange box is just a parent of the IK goal so its easier to select.)

I looked in the "Link Info" and "IK" rollouts on the a hierarchy tab but couldn't figure out which options to check, which axis to lock or whatever....and for which object to do it on.

I don't want the board to bank like it would in a "kick flip" - i just want it to spin around like a "shuvit" and spin up and down like an "impossiflip". haha i hope that terminology helps ppl - but i'm sure u know what i mean anyway.

06 June 2006, 03:32 PM
lol, nevermind - i sorted it out for now.

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06 June 2006, 03:32 PM
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