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05 May 2006, 09:15 PM
Hey all,
here is an animation that I am currently working on. It is in pretty rough blocking phase right now...not too much attention to timing. But, I wanted to see what you all thought as far as the story goes and poses and all that good stuff.

Here is the link: (

Thanks for viewing and even more thanks for C&C!
-Tim (

05 May 2006, 02:34 AM
HAHAHAHA that was great! :applause: i loved how crazy he got when he realized it was stained and wouldnt come off! LOL and your poses were awesome! only thing i'd say to add more to his frantic-ness (that a word?) is to open his eye lids way wide when he's wiping really fast. looks good though! cant wait to see a smoothed update!

** off topic **
hmmm.. tim oberlander... why does your name sound so familiar?? i've seen your reel before (very cool btw), but just your name just caught my attention. your resume says you worked at EA.. did you know Webster Colcord by chance? just curious.. i sware i've heard your name before. o well, lol.

05 May 2006, 02:54 AM
hey Sam,
thanks for the crit man...I'll look into the eyes and the frantic-ness (works as a word for me man!) thang...

it seems though that a lot of people are concerned about the am I! This one kind of got away from me. I just created this character and this is a rather LONG test anim for it... So at the moment I am trying to trim spa the heck out of it!

not sure why my name rings a bell... I actually worked for a company (Page 44 Studios) that did a project for EA (Freekstyle in 2002). So sorry I don't know Webster. I tend to give crits in a few animation type boards...maybe thats why my name sounds familiar... When you start awake at 2:30 am and remember drop me a note;)

Thanks again-Tim

05 May 2006, 03:09 AM
LOL ok nm.. iono where i heard it, probably just losing my mind, :D but anyway..

(whats with this time? cgtalk says its 2:37am! i wonder where that is, lol)

and about your clip length.. after watching it a few more times, i think its perfectly fine. the more little personality traits you threw in there, the more it stayed interesting. hes really a neurotic guy, and the pausing to look over and straighten his cup is just awesome. if you NEED to cut some stuff, you could probably shorten when he turns the page, goes for the drink, etc. thats the only part that really stood out to me. k, cheers!

05 May 2006, 03:57 AM
I really like what you've started with. Great poses. The change in his attitude/emotion is well done. I like the way you've done the intro book reading, page turning bit. It really sells his mood and persoanlity well, nice touch. I don't quite understand why he does the take at the end and adjusts the cup position....

I was curious as to how did you rig the tie?

Looking forward to seeing the next pass. Great stuff.

05 May 2006, 06:13 AM
me again...

- Samage...big sammy...sammy's almost like we go back years now;) Nothing wrong with losing your mind! Just as long a the caffeine knows where to go we'll all be fine! I appreciate the backup on the length thing...but the piece is a "gear change" (not a short)...and an exercise...if I keep it THIS long I'll never finish it!!! So, I think I'll focus on the actual "gear change" and try to keep in some of the guys personality...

-Sontaran- Thanks a ton for the kind words... as I shorten up this monster of a file, I definitely want to keep in the page turning bit... I think that helps sell his personality...the ending... a few people have been confused here...don't worry, it's going to get cut most likely...BUT, here is what I had initially intended...Smalls (the character) is a very anal retentive kind a guy who loves his coffee almost as much as he loves everything to be in order... so we see him in the beginning position the cup to exactly where he wants it to be for his next sip...then he notices his stained tie...oh god the tie! It's got coffee on it...Smalls angry...Smalls VERY VERY angry...smallls need tie off... he really REALLY needs that tie off with the ghastly stain on it (Sorry almost fell into the hulk there)...the tie is off and he notices the coffee mug which has moved from his "perfect" spot...hence the surprise take and the quick repositioning of the mug... I don't makes sense to ME!!! heh!

the friggen' tie rig... This thing beat me sensless trying to figure out!! In the end it is kind of two rigs all in one. The entire piece is one switching going on... Both rigs consist of a kind of "stretchy" spine type set up. The root of the tie is where the knot is. and then the tie part is rigged like an upside down spine with "stretchy" joints. I also have controls that I use to animate the clusters on the tie...for fine tuning. The part that goes around his neck is very similar to the tie part...but I have a joint chain that starts at the root of the whole rig (near the knot) and that chain runs counter clockwise around the whole loop and ends where it begins (so a circle). And this part is stretchy too... I have constraint type stuff set up for when he grabs it... and for it being attached to his body or not... In the end I think that there is somewhere around 17-20 controls for the tie... You'd think that with that much control it would be a breeze to animate...wrongola!!! I hate the tie alsmost as much as Smalls does... but then again. Does ANYBODY like ties?

Once again thanks for all the C&C!!!

06 June 2006, 11:03 PM
Hey all,
So I thought about this piece and decided that it needed to lose some time on the whole I cut out about 23 seconds or so. I tried to focus more on just the gear change and cut a lot of the extra "stuff"... I'm currently going through sections and making them linear and at the same time trying to tighten up the timing and push the poses a bit more. Anyway, any and all C&C is much appreciated!
-updated link- (
-Tim (

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06 June 2006, 11:03 PM
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