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05 May 2006, 07:03 AM
welcome to my anatomy thread :thumbsup:.. will post some of my previous work first.. BTW .. that gif image rebecca put up on beginners lounge for gesture drawing is great.. thanks for that!

05 May 2006, 10:02 AM
Some real nice Life Drawing studies here. Could you either place at the beginning and at the end or highlight the URL, click copy, and click on the mount symbol on above toolbar, click paste in this new window (to copy press right buttona nd scoll down and copy, to paste do the same, but go to paste)!

05 May 2006, 10:13 AM
Yo shrey

good to see your anatomy thread up. Just double check the image posting tut - post them so that one doesn't need to click to see.

Your line could use some. Remember that taking a line around a subject doesn't describe the subject. Also think of the figure as being made up of form - good practice is to try and draw the figure in terms of cubes. This will give it dimension. Now, consider how you would use lines to describe these forms - take the line over there under here have it stretch here and bend there. To be able to connect the various forms of the human body, one must first understand them, and to understand them some anatomical knowledge is required.

The body's three main masses are the head, ribcage and pelvis, and the spine connects these. Establish these before you consider the arms and legs. Don't be afraid to use mass construction.

Great work so far - keep drawing bro.

- d.

05 May 2006, 04:53 PM

Good to see your Anatomy Thread go up. :)

Here is a review of one of your gesture drawings:

The main thing that I would encourage you to do along with Life Studies is Master Copies ~ see this thread for helpful links:

Master Copy Resources (

Looking forward to seeing many more drawings!

Cheers, :)


05 May 2006, 06:52 PM
thanks a lot everyone.. its been about 2 weeks since i picked up a pencil to draw.. so its kind of hard for me to get my lines right now.. but i am workin on it....
@fl3wk i will take a look at the image posting tutorial :)
i use the links because some people are on slower connections (like myself) so it takes time for the pics to load..
@rebecca & demented thanks for the feedback especially rebeccas review.. really helpful ..its easier to learn when someone actually shows u what mistake u are making visually..
more pics comin soon :)


05 May 2006, 08:58 AM
It's recommended that everyone gets broadband if they can. Its well worth it for surfing as well as gaming and downloading.

05 May 2006, 07:19 PM
my scanner is down.. been skethchin quite a bit.. working on my shading... if scanner doesnt come tomo will have to use my camera..anyways me still working on my sketching :)

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05 May 2006, 07:19 PM
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