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05 May 2006, 12:20 PM
It's my conceptual project/sketch of the statue can be made of bronze, wood, glass, ceramic or steel. Head is somewhere, far from the people's matters, in space... (The Cube - a head can be placed at the pedestal of monument, at ground or floor level made of a cellar, an asphalt as the separate element and the symbol of fallen ideologies and ideas). Staue made of different materials can act in miniaturised versions as the artisitic stand for your pipes, cubana cigars and cigarettes, it can be also some kind of the stand for candles, flowers, modern lamps, books, photos, toilet paper, stylized phones etc. . It's a picture, poster, universal concept-art for all artistic media. All rights reserved. Below is mini version of an image. I would like to upload it as the sketch of the day, but Pentagram's sensivity and line lenght are too low for pen's shading precision.
My favoutitte 25%:
Small size:

Software used:

3D: made with Blender, TOXIC rendering engine at first stage of the project pipeline;

Sketch and Post production: The Gimp,
Some Tricky Enchancements: XnView with 3'rd party Plugins, Filters, Scripts [more interesting goodies usefull with XnView and another browsers comes with Adobe® Photoshop Trial (Tip: A life time of plugin's and scripts you can use after your trial period with XnView, and i supose with AC/DCFatality never expires:) I'm glads i could help. 3'rd party plugins and scripts for Photoshop and XnView are available at,,, (fake Photoshop plugins and scripts for The Gimp - look'n feel just like Photoshop's filters),]. :lightbulb

05 May 2006, 07:12 AM
Nice project! I love it because it makes me thinking, lovely pose and great shadding! keep it up

05 May 2006, 10:29 AM
Nice project! I love it because it makes me thinking, lovely pose and great shadding! keep it up

Big thanks Brutal Monk(ey:). It makes me crying.
Oki doki. I think, that the next stage belongs to PIRELLI Corporation. I'v got an invitation to their german team , so i have to go in (tyre design?, maybe it's no matter for me, i can design tyres...I'ts Catia, Solidworks Office or Pro Engineer? Piece of cake. I learned Mayas interface in two days, Max in no more than a week , Rhino in several hours. AUTODESK AUTOCAD is also easy. I'm familiar with all CGI interfaces that exist (make by human and "made by aliens"®.
I feel that it's it. Let's play. Adidas balls collection 2006 animations (i can model and moove Ronaldo or one of the top players in action at the Orange Arena, but it's a martter of costs of production:), the most hardcore spherical constructions in modern engineering, wait i'll upload it at sixmonkeys:

Look for my another nicknames: Burt.S., BurtS :)

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