View Full Version : 3DBoxx Motherboard/memory vendors?

01 January 2003, 05:10 AM
From reading the various posts on the forum, the Boxx machines seem to have a very good reputation for stability and expansion/upgrade potential. Do they use any special components/drivers/software that delivers this?

If they use a standard set of components and drivers, would it provide essentially the same machine if one just bought the same equipment list that they used from Newegg? Obviously this doesn't make sense if you have to put together a lot of machines, but for a single home built personal system it's attractive.

I understand their dual Athlon motherboard maker is Tyan; is it the Thunder K7X or the Tiger MPX being used in the 3DBoxx systems? What make of memory? It would save a great deal of debate on the forums to have a 'recommended reference build' for the various platforms that is updated when new tech comes out :)



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