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05 May 2006, 08:36 AM
While my oil is drying I started working on this project. I was reading the Digital Character Design and painting by Don Seegmiller and I saw one of the characters. I decided to draw a character in the same pose. (I wrote Don and he gave me an enthusistic go ahead. :D)
So I combined that tutorial with the skin tones tutorial by Linda B.

This is the WIP. I have a background to the image but I dont know why I got so engrossed in trying to make the skin tone right that I forgot about the background.
But here is where am at. Suggestions are as usually very very welcome.

05 May 2006, 09:18 AM
Hi, I think you shoudl consider the underlying figure first. Here's a quick sketch ove r the top o your original drawing (i hope you don't mind) showing what I think would be a more natural proportion and pose (based on how i think the figure wouldbe underneath the clothing):

The differences are mostly proportional, but they have certain effects on the overall pose, for instance the figures right arm (to our left) is now much further down, the balance shifts, and the neck is a lot shorter (and the head larger), also I've reposed the head to where i feel it could comfortably turn in this sort of pose, and to where it looks natural in relation to where i think the spine would sit.

Hopefully this will be some help.

05 May 2006, 09:43 AM
Good call, per.

The skintones are looking good so far, but you might want to twiddle around a bit with the feature placement. I think it may be the nose that's throwing me off some. The drapery on her right upper arm doesn't look right, but that may be just me; drapery's always given me headaches. :)

05 May 2006, 07:26 PM
Thanks Per and Lotekk. Its good to look at this through other people's eyes. I was getting lost there. I think I'll revisit my reference again and see how to implement these suggestions.

05 May 2006, 01:35 PM
Since this is a learning exercise more than anything, I decided to start afresh and redraw my sketch. I did this on a 50x70cm charcoal paper. Oh since I have the go ahead from Don Seegmillar, I'll post the ref am using from his book right underneath mine. I hope to quickly shade it so her features dont look so off.


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05 May 2006, 01:35 PM
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