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05 May 2006, 09:14 AM
Good Afternoon

I have done a script using to formlayouts and attaching it in the main formlayout.

But while executing i cant find the menu displayed.

I dont know why.

With this iam attaching the script.

If any one find the solution reply


if(`window -exists modelwin`)


deleteUI modelwin;


string $modelwin=`window -menuBar true -title "MODELING_TOOLS" modelwin`;

formLayout -w 200 modelmainform;

formLayout -p "modelmainform" -w 120 -h 30 statusform;

frameLayout -p "statusform" -w 118 -h 40 -bv on -bs "etchedIn" -lv 0 -mw 1 -mh 3 statusframe;

rowColumnLayout -p "statusframe" -nc 7 -cw 1 4 -cw 2 32 -cw 3 4 -cw 4 32 -cw 5 4 -cw 6 32 -cw 7 4 statusrow;

separator -hr false -st "in";

iconTextButton -l off -h 10 -i "pickJointObj.xpm"-c ("mjoint") ;

separator -hr false -st "in";

iconTextButton -l off -h 10 -i "pickCurveObj.xpm"-c ("mcurve();") ;

separator -hr false -st "in";

iconTextButton -l off -h 30 -i "pickCurveObj.xpm"-c ("mcurve();") ;

separator -hr false -st "in";

formLayout -e

-af statusform "top" 5

-an statusform "bottom"

-af statusform "left" 40

-an statusform "right"


formLayout -p "modelmainform" -w 120 -h 30 menuform;

menuBarLayout -p "menuform" mainmenu;

menu -l "File" -aob 1 -to 1 -p "mainmenu" filemenu;

menuItem -l "New Scene" -c("NewScene");

menuItem -l "*" -c("NewSceneOptions") -ob 1;


formLayout -e

-af menuform "top" 40

-an menuform "bottom"

-af menuform "left" 20

-an menuform "right"


showWindow modelwin;

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05 May 2006, 09:14 AM
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