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01 January 2003, 09:50 PM
I purchased LW 7.5 from a UK company called Jigsaw and they say they cannot help with this problem. I run Platform windows 98 Athlon 800 Ram 384k ..For installation i first installed theUSB key as stated in the manual,then closed all programs except Explorer and Direct CD. Then ran the setup program from the root file which gave the LW logo then the Installshield wizard which completed ok! .then the sceen went black and a panel appeared called Question which read No Sentinal Driver [apps will not execute]and or Dongle[DEMO MODE ONLY]detected install Drivers now [reccommended] I said yes then it goes to the Sentinel System Driver Installation shield wizard which asks you to press next and if you do it moves to the Program Maintanence panel modify,repair or remove .With modify set as default i clicked install and then you get a warning to remove all USB pro keys before continuing, this i did it then goes on to install and you get the YOU have successfully installed the Sentinal System Driver....You click finish and you are left with a black screen and another panel called ....Sever this states ..Allow Drivers to install or Lightwave will REFUSE to execute restart the computer. If you do restart you go back to where you were at the start I have e-mailed Newtek but am waiting for a reply. I saved for quite a while and to me this is an expensive purchase Jigsaw dont know a thing about LW Please help I am very worried ...I can see the Sentinal System program in the add/remove on the Control panel but not in the program files I know i should wait for Newtek to reply but i am so worried i will never use LW also i e-mailed the US and not europe do you think they will reply now i'm getting desperate Abe

01 January 2003, 10:51 PM
first of all, please use correct punctuation and layout. that was a nightmare to read.

secondly, windows98 is notoriously bad for its USB support. make sure you are running your latest motherboard drivers and that your USB hub is correctly shown in your hardware manager. i'd even suggest upgrading to windows 2000 given the opportunity.

typically when installing any USB device drivers for windows98, always install the drivers first, then reboot and once windows is up and running insert the USB device. any other way tends to result in all sorts of nastiness.

i can't help you with the jigsaw system tho., i'm assuming it's a bit like c-dilla plus a hardware dongle, in which case make sure the service is running properly. if not, try uninstalling and reinstalling.

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