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05 May 2006, 04:23 PM
Hi folks,

I Finally got around to looking at the new Zbrush displacement exporter,
and i've created a collection of usefull preset codes for EIAS which you
can all use.
Here is a quick rundown of what each setting does -

EIAS Positive
EIAS Negative

Probably one you will use most along with the "max" variation, this
simply gives you 2 displacement maps, 1 for outward displacement and
one for inward displacement.

EIAS Pos Max
EIAS Neg Max

The same as above except this setting Adjusts the contrast of the alpha
to maximize the intensity difference between light and dark values,
with some projects you will see better results using these setting.

EIAS PosMajor
EIAS NegMajor
EIAS PosMinor
EIAS NegMinor

This is a very interesting feature of the ADE, provided with positive
and negative settings here is further description taken from the manual
of the Major/Minor feature -

"ADE allows easy application of 16 bit displacements to external applications supporting only 8-bit displacements, by generating two files, a “major” file and a “minor” file. The major file contains 8 bits of data that represent the large displacements, and is applied to
your external program first, with an appropriate scaling factor. If you were using displacement maps to generate a mountain range, this would cause all of the mountains and valleys to appear, but there wouldn’t be much in the way of detail, and the slopes
might have a bit of a “stairstep” appearance, due to the low bit depth of the displacement map.
The minor file is then applied in a second displacement pass, using a much smaller scaling factor; it fills in the details by making smaller adjustments to each previously displaced area"

Here are the full "quick codes" for the presets


To use these you have to copy each individual code including the end name, again from the manual -

"The Quick Code is an easy way for you to enter options defining a new configuration.
The most convenient way to enter quick codes is using the Paste button described below, but it can also be entered manually. Click the quick code field and type the quick code in the resultant entry field.
The Copy and Paste buttons copy the Quick Code from, or paste the Quick Code to, the system clipboard. If someone else has developed a configuration perfect for use with your favorite external program, they can post the Quick Code to ZBrush Central or some other forum. You can then copy that Quick Code from their message onto the system clipboard using whatever method is standard for your operating system, and then use the Paste button to paste the Quick Code from the system clipboard into the Displacement Exporter. This recreates their configuration inside your copy of ZBrush, without the need
to set any options manually. And of course, you can do the same thing in reverse to share configurations you’ve found particularly useful."

One last thing, the exported maps will be ready to load into EI, no other
editing or processing is needed, obviously this is great :)

Please refere to the manual included with the ADE plugin for any other info needed.


Reuben Flounders

05 May 2006, 03:58 AM
Awesome man, thanks for sharing this!

05 May 2006, 03:27 AM
Hey great job Rueben.

I haven't tweaked with ZB mapping lately, just sculpting. I should be back on it after my brain defrags. :)

Finally getting a grip on edge loops and quad modeling.

It's been breakthoughs almost every day for the last six months in ZB, Maya, MB, and soon, Shake.

An Epiphany every day means either I know a lot or know very little. ahah.

I thank you for making the last couple of months very lively. Hopefully I have six more of the same.

However, it doesn't look like I will be focusing on EIAS as much. I'm going to start rigging in Maya soon then of course, animating in it or MB and finally, rendering. I shreek at the thought of rendering in Maya. Eventhough RenderMan was my first render engine on the Mac, over the years I have betroved EIAS's Camera renders far more dearly.

One day, I'm going bring all I learned back to EIAS. It's still the best renderer on the planet.

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05 May 2006, 03:27 AM
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