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05 May 2006, 04:01 AM
hi guys,
im in a medium size pickle. i have some character animations rendered as a image sequence in maya at 24 frames per second. but when i bring it into "after effects" and put the image sequence together to render out at 24 fps, the animation comes out kind of "hard on the eyes" in a motion sense of explanation. to be more exact, it comes out too snappy and hard. but when i render it at 30 fps "in after effects", it comes out much smoother but now the fine tuned timing that i had done is lost and even feels a bit floaty. what should i do? i plan on making a reel for dvd as well as for viewing on a computer.
btw, is it true that when you render it out to t.v. that it will automatically play at 30 fps on television even though if say i had made a custom render at 26 or 28 frames per second?
i really dont want to lose my timing when i render out my animations to after effects. rendering from 24 fps vs 30 fps is a major change for a animator and it can be seen and felt out definately.
and another thing, i noticed that if i render my animation in after effects at 26 or 28 fps, it comes close to the original "timing/feeling" of the animation playing similar to maya's 24 fps. do you think that watching it on t.v. will make it default at 30 fps, which would negate my 26 fps render? if i knew that there was such a large variation between 24fps render in maya vs 24 fps render in Aftr Efcts, then i would have just stuck to 30 fps in maya. damn my instructer!!

05 May 2006, 05:52 AM
OK I think I was always struggling with a similar problem in school. Now when you adjusted all of your timing and weight in Maya did you simply hit "play" and watch it or did you actually render out a playblast and watch that? Because if you just hit play then it doesn't play at the 24fps speed.

Now I am still fairly new but when you say "rendered as a image sequence in maya at 24 frames per second." You mean like a targa sequence right? Now I don't think it really matters if you have it in 24fps or 30fps because if you render out 100 frames you will get 100 frames reguardless.

As to your question about TV automatically playing something at 30fps, no it wont do that as far as I know. I have a particular shot in my reel that is in slow motion and it came out great on my DVD.

If you feel like you have to adjust the playback speed in AE then go ahead that is what those options are there for.

I hope this helps.

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05 May 2006, 05:52 AM
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