View Full Version : Can anyone help me to mirror this setup (max 5)?

01 January 2003, 11:53 PM
I need to copy this arm, just to be productive, don't like waisting time on doing twice the same thing.

In this case i have a serious problem:

1. the swivle angle of the copied arm is the opposite of the first one, but NOT the bones! rotating the bones doesn't help, that damn swivle angle stays in plays. Rotating the swivle turn the bones in the wrong direction ofcourse.

2. second question: how can i unwire 2 objects in max 5? i've selected both bone and slider and the "disconnect" button is still greyed out. Starting 2 loose my hair overhere :annoyed:

i deleted every single helper, made a copy of just the bones and that even didn't work out :annoyed:

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