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05 May 2006, 01:11 PM

Again, I come begging for help, I'm not proud - but what I lack in pride I more than make up for in desperation
I have source code for an app which promises to convert a MIDI file into a .mel file (appropriately called MIDI2mel).

Description from site; (

"My goal in this project was to be able to drive an animation through the note and instrument information found in a Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) file. To achieve this I wrote a program (based on the Timidity library) which would take a MIDI file as input and output a Maya Embedded Language (MEL) script. The MEL script contains function stubs (note_on() / note_off()) which the MEL prorammer must define. The note_on() / note_off() functions are passed the following information:

Frame that the note was hit/released.
Instrument that was played.
How hard the note was played (velocity).
The note played (Ex. Middle C).

With this simple interface the MEL programmer is able to easily create amazing effects."

And here's the source code (15mb) (http://cournia_midi2mel-20020506.tar.gz)

My beg is for someone to compile this or teach me how one goes about compiling something for Mac OS 10.4.2, for Maya 7 in Xcode, if indeed it can be done under Mac OS. If not, Visual Studio for a PC I guess.

I have no knowledge of coding, and hardly any knowledge of mel, so hopefully you can see the position I'm in.

Any help would most gratefully recieved.

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05 May 2006, 01:11 PM
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