View Full Version : How to invert keys in 3Ds Max?

05 May 2006, 07:56 AM
Hello guys! Who know how to invert keys in 3Ds Max for create backward animation? :shrug:
For exemple: footsteps up and down.

05 May 2006, 09:04 AM
Some one help! How to make inverse Animation?:shrug:

05 May 2006, 08:10 PM

are you using Character Studio? Cause in Character Studio it is impossible to reverse keys. In Max (with default bones) it is possible. You can make a selection of all your keys. Then there are two methods: Go to track view and hit the scale button. Now scale to -100%. Or (quicker way) right-click the timeline, configure, show selection range. This will add a moveable and scalable slider to your timeline.

05 May 2006, 05:53 PM
I use Character studio :sad:.
Thank you!

05 May 2006, 05:59 PM
Good question .. I don't know but I'm eager to find out as well.

05 May 2006, 07:52 PM
What if save your bip with keys in all frames,load it, and then reverse them by hand.Yea, it's stupidly, but it works good. :D At least, I don't know another method. :shrug:

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05 May 2006, 07:52 PM
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