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05 May 2006, 10:46 PM
Hello Everyone,

At this time, I'd like to announce a learning competition/series on the particle systems of Electric Image. This will be an informal class with open instruction to all those wishing to participate. Since web based instruction can be a bit difficult for a single person, we're all going to help teach one another the basics. This class should be considered an entry level to intermediate level class, but its also a collaborative team event!

The class will be divided into two camps. There will be an team thread for PowerParticle Basic/ Pro / Fyreworks users and one for Dante users. (See for a 30% discount on Dante). Both are welcome to take a peek into the other's threads to see how things are progressing on the "other side", but once you've declared your plugin platform of choice, please work towards completing your instruction with that particular piece of software. You are permitted to work with any other plugin or shader except for the particle system you did not elect to use when registering.

Three sticky threads will be created in the WIP subforum. One will be for PPP/Fyreworks users, one for Dante users, and the last will be the moderator's forum to deliver base instruction, rules and assignments.

The primary purpose of this class competition is to begin understanding how particle systems work. Registration begins today (1 May) and will run through the 7th of May. This will give you some time to read up on your plugin of choice or purchase it from the corresponding vendor.

To Register, simply respond to the appropriate thread in the WIP subforum. Assignments will be delivered into the moderator's forum each Monday so look there for what you should be working on for that week.

Although the base instruction/assignment will include information for both particle systems, its impossible for me, the moderator, to cover everything in detailed so I'm relying on others to lend a hand. I'll do what I can, but your team should work together to accomplish the desired effect and pass that information on for all to see. I will oversee each thread and chime in with critique, suggestions and information.

As it stands, I see the class running approximately 6 weeks with 3 primary assignments. This will allow two weeks for each assignment. Team members should elect a team captain to represent your collective knowledge. Everyone works on their own, creating new solutions to the problem at hand, but ulimately providing that information to the team captain for final presentation to the moderator.

The prize is simply....knowledge! (Sorry, no iPods this time arround). However, we should all walk away from this learning something.

Have fun!

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05 May 2006, 10:46 PM
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