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04 April 2006, 05:24 AM
i got a problem in maya for renderman.. my computer has xeon 2.8 duel cpus but when i render in maya with maya for renderman, renderman uses only one cpu. can i use my two cpus when i render with maya for renderman? give me some hint please,,, if it's uncomfortable on here E-mail me please,, thanks for read this.. wish you guys have good day.

04 April 2006, 05:19 AM
Renderman & Rfm does not support multi-thead, u need to wait Rman13 & Rfm 2.0.....

However, u can render 2 jobs together or 1 job in different frame range (one is 1-100, another is 101-200).

Then u should consider your machine have enough RAM or not :)

04 April 2006, 08:54 AM
8. Does RenderMan for Maya make use of two processors on a dual processor machine?

It depends on how you chose to license your product. You may choose one of two ways to license a copy of RenderMan for Maya: Node-locked or Floating.

1) Node-locked licenses are "locked" to a single machine (or dongle). Node-locked licenses are "uncounted" meaning you are able to initialize an unlimited number of processors on the locked machine with one license.

Pros: An unlimited number of processes of RenderMan for Maya can be run on one machine at any one time. In practice, the number of processes will be limited by memory and processor power. Usually one process per processor is appropriate for batch render. On a two processor machine, you would be able to run two batch renders and a interactive RenderMan for Maya session at the same time with one node-locked license.

Cons: That node-locked license of RenderMan for Maya is "locked" to that machine.

2) A floating license may be "floated" (or shared) by multiple machines. Floating licenses are managed by a centralized "License Server," running on a machine on the network, which allows other machines to check-in and check-out these "floating" licenses as required.Pros: Floating licenses allow a small number of licenses to be shared by all the machines on the network. Being able to float licenses provides more flexible as to where RenderMan for Maya can be run. For instance, a studio with ten machines and three floating licenses could use those licenses on any of those ten machines . . . but could use no more than three of those licenses at any one time.

Cons: Floating licenses are licensed "per process," not per machine. That means two simultaneous RenderMan for Maya batch renderings will always consume two licenses . . . whether or not they are rendered on the same machine. An added interactive RenderMan for Maya session would consume an additional floating license, even on the same machine.

i read about this..from fixar hompage, so i thought it's possible if i have Floating licenses which they talking about..maybe i'm wrong. actually complicate english makes me confuesed could you do me a favor? i can't get it what's Floating licenses is. are u really sure taht i can't use my both cpus at a same time for render one image? and thank you for reply i got it how to use my both cpus, if i can't use both cpus for rendering at a one time for one image. and i have 2g ram. is that enough memory for the way u adviced me?(thanks about it)good luck.

04 April 2006, 12:00 PM
First, don't mix up with license & process, then we go on

Node-locked license in one machine:
if your machine have 2 processors, u can render 2 different jobs in same time but use 1 license only

Floating license in one machine:
as the same, 2 processors for rendering 2 different jobs in same time but use 2 licenses

Due to the limit of Renderman for Maya, u can't use 2 processors to render same image.

Node-locked license is suitable for renderfarm. If your machine have 4 cpus, u can render 4 jobs in same time & use 1 license only. May be u need 4GB RAM at that time. U don't want to use 4 floating in this case.... so expensive!

Floating license is suitable for animators' workstations, cause not all the animators need Rfm in same time. Yup, it can give your flexibility.

Renderman & Rfm have a good advantage in RAM control. U can set the Bucket Size & Grid Size lower. This will require less memory to render.

Hope this informations can help u :)

04 April 2006, 04:29 PM
thank you so much. i got it all. so if i want to render two images at a same time. should i open two maya and render each other? or render two batch rendering each other? and then my computer going to use 1st cpu for first render, 2nd cpu for second render? automaticlly do itself? or should i do somthing for it? sorry i'm sucks at this. help me some more. thank you.

04 April 2006, 03:50 AM
I use two batch renders & the computer will do this automatically

you are welcome :)

04 April 2006, 06:06 AM
thank you man. hope u have good day^^

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